Bears are who we thought they were – for (hopefully) the last time.

A tale as old as at least 1994. Bears look great to start. Packers look broken and beatable. Bears give it away. Aaron Rodgers does the whole snarky “I was never nervous” thing. Packers win, Bears back to the drawing board. Lather, rinse… don’t repeat? Let’s keep some things in mind here. The Bears wentContinue reading “Bears are who we thought they were – for (hopefully) the last time.”

My Bi-Annual State of Da Bears Address

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…. Here we go again. The Bears head into Thanksgiving with a record of 3-7, on a five game losing streak, and staring dead in the face of a winless Lions team who has come close the in their last two and are ready to pounce. This has the makings of something embarrassing,Continue reading “My Bi-Annual State of Da Bears Address”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC North

AFC East NFC East AFC West NFC West AFC South NFC South AFC North Here we are ladies and gentlemen, We have made it all the way through the league and stand at the door of the Black and Blue Division: the NFC North. The beginnings of professional football were made here. Tough defensive footballContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC North”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC North

AFC East NFC East AFC West NFC West AFC South NFC South So we’ve come to the two divisions I have held off on purpose because there are a couple of franchise you could say I have invested interest in play here, one of which plays in the AFC North. I will choose my wordsContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC North”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC South

AFC East NFC East AFC West NFC West AFC South We have three divisions and twelve teams remaining as we dissect and rank the uniforms we see every fall. Today we tackle the NFC South – home to the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There are a few things different in this division, but alsoContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC South”

ICYMI: Football Preview with Aaron Charles and Jason Porter

Before you catch up on last week, let’s first flash back to our freshman year at Georgia State. The three of us had a class together, and the project was to make a video. Well, we did that, kind of. We attempted to preview the 2012-2013 playoff picture. I have found the damage. We haveContinue reading “ICYMI: Football Preview with Aaron Charles and Jason Porter”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC South

AFC East NFC East AFC West NFC West We are officially halfway through the league in uniform rankings, and we have now come to the AFC South. This division is pretty diverse in terms of uniforms, and I can’t say that is completely a compliment. If you need to catch up on anything you mayContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC South”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC West

AFC East NFC East AFC West We continue our uniform journey out west taking a look at the blue side of the map. The NFC West is an absolute cluster right now, with any of the four teams being capable of winning the division – potentially even the conference. The Seahawks were able to putContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC West”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC West

AFC East NFC East Today we have come to the wild, wild west. I’ll do the AFC today and the NFC tomorrow. This division is basically the OG’s of the old AFL – old school football with a grand history. Young QB’s taking over the landscape of the NFL in Super Bowl Champion Patrick MahomesContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC West”