MLB Uniform Power Rankings: #5-#1

Well, here we are. The most anticipated blog of my life, the Top 5 MLB uniform combinations. This has been a long time coming for sure, as this is a heated topic for me almost every day. Call me a traditionalist, I don’t like change or weird. Give me white at home and grey onContinue reading “MLB Uniform Power Rankings: #5-#1”

MLB Uniform Power Rankings: #10-#6

We have reached the Top 10 on the countdown to the most prestigious honor in baseball, the kings of threads. If you need to back track, use these links to review #30-#16 and #15-#11. You should know by now what the criteria is for this, and how less is more! WE MOVE FORWARD: 10. LosContinue reading “MLB Uniform Power Rankings: #10-#6”

MLB Uniform Power Rankings Countdown: #15-#11

Thank you to those of you who responded to the first batch of rankings. I heard it from my friends in Atlanta for the Braves being so low (16). I agree, it is lower than it should be. But I’m left with no choice until/unless they were to eliminate the creams and choose between theContinue reading “MLB Uniform Power Rankings Countdown: #15-#11”

The Barstool Sportsbook is (Finally) Coming to Illinois

Rejoice. The wait is over. Barstool Sports announced today their sportsbook is officially going live in Illinois at 12pm Thursday, just in time for the big tourney. This is what we have been training for. The big leagues. This is going to change my Pick of the Day posts for forever. The Barstool Sportsbook willContinue reading “The Barstool Sportsbook is (Finally) Coming to Illinois”

Should I Wake Up at 6am Sunday Morning to Watch Soccer?

Initially, the answer is obviously no. But hear me out. So a few years ago, a cousin of mine had recently taken a liking to the English Premiere League, and really wanted us to also get into it. To help us out, he hosted us one Saturday morning to watch a couple matches together, learnContinue reading “Should I Wake Up at 6am Sunday Morning to Watch Soccer?”

Are We Celebrating the 4th of July This Year?

Warning: this is not a sports post. And it’s going to get uncomfortable for a lot of you. 244 years ago, the American colonies came together and drafted up a document to Mother England, declaring its independence. War breaks out. Mel Gibson becomes a hero. America becomes a nation. Woo. Cool. Fast-forward 244 years, whereContinue reading “Are We Celebrating the 4th of July This Year?”

The Imaginary Football League: Realigning the NFL.

Happy Super Bowl Weekend, Everyone. We have seen 267 games of football played in the NFL this season (if you count the Pro Bowl), and there is one more to go. This Sunday, we will be watching the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers take on the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs. Two historic franchises looking to reclaimContinue reading “The Imaginary Football League: Realigning the NFL.”

Remember Kobe, Stop Debating, and Start Appreciating.

Death is a scary and sometimes mysterious thing, but it is certain. It’s going to happen. And when it happens, sometimes it makes you think of things you don’t think of normally. You maybe even think of some things you should be thinking of normally, things that shouldn’t require a tragic death happening to makeContinue reading “Remember Kobe, Stop Debating, and Start Appreciating.”