Pick of the Day: March 4th

Last Night: 3-0, +2.70u March Record: 5-2, +2.74u YTD: 5-2, +2.74u Trust. The Process. After losing an over by 50 points, hitting one feels so so good. Everything rolled last night. I could not ask for a better start to documenting my picks. Today is going to be crucial going into a big college basketballContinue reading “Pick of the Day: March 4th”

Pick of the Day: March 3rd

Last Night: 1-2, -.85u March Record: 2-2, +.04u YTD: 2-2, +.04u Well, I have been humbled. Look, this happens. You either win or you don’t. the West Virginia one hurts the most, but how embarrassing is it to lose an over by 50 points… Yeah, that’ll help your self esteem. Idiot. Thank you Georgia TechContinue reading “Pick of the Day: March 3rd”

Pick of the Day: March 2nd

Last Night: 1-0, +.89u March Record: 1-0, +.89u YTD: 1-0, +.89u I mean what a start to the page. Bulls lose, but the over hits in the closing seconds. Few things feel better than a last second victory to go to bed happy. I hope this is the start of something beautiful. Tonight, after hittingContinue reading “Pick of the Day: March 2nd”

The Inaugural Pick of the Day: March 1st

I’m exited for this one! Today is the start of tracking my success and mostly failure of knowing the outcomes of sports games! I am going to give out a pick (or two or seven) each weekday starting today through (probably) the end of time, and keep up to date with the millions I’m obviouslyContinue reading “The Inaugural Pick of the Day: March 1st”