Picks of the Day: August 25th

Yesterday: 2-1, +1.5 (1 void – rainout) August to Date: 8-8, +.96 Yesterday was my second winning day in a row, bringing me back to .500 overall and plus money. We are back on schedule. I was wrong about day game runs but such is life. The Yankees and Giants cannot lose apparently. Today, weContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 25th”

Picks of the Day: August 24th

Yesterday: 2-1, +.99u August To Date: 6-7, -0.54u The Cubs walked in off and the Mariners also won. What an evening. I do not know what happened to the White Sox but the Blue Jays are also good at baseball. I keep referencing it, but football is coming. We are getting hot in order toContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 24th”

Pick of the Day: August 23rd

August To Date: 4-6, -1.53u Thursday I put out three picks and every last one of them lost. The Tigers blew a massive lead and lost to the Angels, the Marlins and Reds just stopped scoring, and the Eagles decided to not score a single point. How thoughtful of them. On top of that, IContinue reading “Pick of the Day: August 23rd”

Picks of the Day: August 19th

Yesterday: 2-2, -0.21u August: 4-3, +1.47u An even 2-2 yesterday, lost the first two and won the last two. I am still over .500 though and plus money, so that’s good. The dog days of the back half of a baseball season are real, it’s really tough to determine a team’s day-to-day motivation during thisContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 19th”

Picks of the Day: August 18th

Yesterday: 2-1, +1.68 SO GOOD TO BE BACK. Great start yesterday for the brain. The Cubs won, we’re in the positives, what a start. I also pondered a double-header sweep for the Yankees and that happened. I know I didn’t pull the trigger on it, but it’s nice to know my head is in theContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 18th”

Picks of the Day: August 17th

Ok, we’re in this. For real this time. My life has been going super speed lately. Working full-time, studenting half-time, planning a wedding, writing for the Cubbies Crib (check it out here), writing these blogs, recording a podcast, and I am really excited for all of these things. It’s been so much fun, I feelContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 17th”

Pick of the Day: July 27th

BACK FROM THE DEAD. Not really, I didn’t die. I’ve just been focusing on producing my podcast/YouTube channel. Haven’t heard it or watched it yet? You should. Go to the home page of this website and find all the links. BUT LET’S GET BACK TO GAMBLING NOW (responsibly). I’m back. I’m engaged. I’m ignoring theContinue reading “Pick of the Day: July 27th”

Pick of the Day May 27th: Humbled and Back.

Standings: Yesterday: 0-4, -3.5u (1 play cancelled) POTD: 3-2, +.64u May: 18-26, -0.155u YTD: 202-248, +22.515u “Welcome back, Tommy. Here’s an 0-6 start coming back.” Thanks gambling gods! This is the reward I get for being responsible? I’m offended, but I’m also insane. Look up the definition because here I am today expecting a differentContinue reading “Pick of the Day May 27th: Humbled and Back.”

Pick of the Day May 24th: We Back

After 2 weeks off from thinking of gambling, or blogging, or anything. I have returned with the good word. I did not stop out of failure, because the numbers have shown I am on fire. I just needed a mental reset. It was lovely, let me tell you. I felt relaxation and piece of mind.Continue reading “Pick of the Day May 24th: We Back”