The Tom E Experience is Expanding – Starting THIS TUESDAY!

Exciting news, ladies and gentlemen! This past year getting back into blogging and starting a podcast has been so enjoyable. I’ve loved my time doing it and have learned something new almost every day. I have the podcast going, I have blogs on here, I have blogs on Cubbies Crib, and I have blogs onContinue reading “The Tom E Experience is Expanding – Starting THIS TUESDAY!”

ICYMI: Football Preview with Aaron Charles and Jason Porter

Before you catch up on last week, let’s first flash back to our freshman year at Georgia State. The three of us had a class together, and the project was to make a video. Well, we did that, kind of. We attempted to preview the 2012-2013 playoff picture. I have found the damage. We haveContinue reading “ICYMI: Football Preview with Aaron Charles and Jason Porter”

(WATCH & LISTEN): Conversation with Shelby Zack

Yesterday I released the podcast episode including my talk with my friend Shelby about her career as a flight attendant and the book she wrote with her twin sister Casey. Below are the links to the podcast episode and the video of our conversation. The video is just the conversation, and the podcast is theContinue reading “(WATCH & LISTEN): Conversation with Shelby Zack”

The End of an Era: RIP @american_tmoney (The Social Handle).

Since the beginning of my social media experience, I have gone by two handles. The first was @bearsfan_tmoney, for obvious reasons. But after realizing I did not want to be labeled ONLY as a Bears fan, I changed it to @american_tmoney. As for where the “tmoney” came in, it’s a long and embarrassingly small stupidContinue reading “The End of an Era: RIP @american_tmoney (The Social Handle).”

EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS: The Tom E Experience is Growing, Adapting, Evolving.

On Tuesday (August 10th) I will be releasing my 10th podcast episode in the Tom E Experience, and I am VERY excited about it. Before I get into too much, I do really want to take the time to thank my good friend Pat for getting this thing off of the ground with me. IContinue reading “EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS: The Tom E Experience is Growing, Adapting, Evolving.”


At LONG long last, it is FINALLY OPENING DAY. For the first time in two years (last year definitely doesn’t count), it is truly Opening Day in America. Today is one of my all time favorite days of the year. It is the first real feeling of spring coming after a cold Chicago winter. ItContinue reading “TODAY IS OPENING DAY!”

I Was Moving. I’m Sorry.

Who schedules a move during the firs full weekend of the NCAA Tournament? Unintentionally, me… HOWEVER, it did not stop me from making picks. And these were the results: First Round: 1-3, -3.15u Round of 64: 11-18, -1.97 Round of 32: 4-4, -1.88 TOTAL: 16-25, -7u I didn’t say it was good. I just saidContinue reading “I Was Moving. I’m Sorry.”

My First Day of School is Today.

Back in 2016, during my second attempt a a college degree, it dawned on me that I have zero definition, zero motivation, and zero money to keep pursuing something I didn’t even know existed or even wanted. I decided to stop mid-term and assess myself, figure out who I am and what I wanted. IContinue reading “My First Day of School is Today.”

Brace Yourselves, I Woke Up.

I’ve upgraded my site. I’m adding some content. I’m going to try to post something on my mind every day. And it’s not only going to be sports. As 2021 starts, there’s a TON happening in the world obviously. But for me personally, it’s about to get wild. The cherry on top being that afterContinue reading “Brace Yourselves, I Woke Up.”