Picks of the Day: September 7th

This Weekend: 7-7, +3.29u September to Date: 9-0-1, +2.11u NCAAF Season: 12-8-1, +6.61u Pick of the Week: 0-1 We are fully submerged into the football season now, and NFL hasn’t even started. There were plenty of highs and lows this weekend, ranging from the VT parlay on Friday night to the Wisconsin debacle on Saturday.Continue reading “Picks of the Day: September 7th”

Picks of the Day: September 3rd and 4th

Yesterday: 1-3-1, -2.09u September: 2-3-1, -1.18u NCAAF Season: 6-3-1, +2.42u Last night was humbling for sure, but still extremely frustrating. Here’s what I learned: Tennessee STINKS. Ohio State’s defense is suspect. Mascot games work for most of the game at least. Boise State forgot to play the whole game and it went to a push.Continue reading “Picks of the Day: September 3rd and 4th”

Picks of the Day: September 2nd

August Final: 25-22, +10.83u Yesterday: 1-0, +.9u NCAAF Season: 5-0, +4.51u You are reading that correctly. I had a winning month of August and have started the CFB season 5-0. Would have I predicted that? Absolutely not. Yet, here we are. You cannot have a better start to a new month and a football season.Continue reading “Picks of the Day: September 2nd”

Picks of the Day: August 31st

Yesterday: 2-1, +1.2u August to Date: 23-17, +13.31u We have reached the final day of August, and I have all but secured a winning month. What a ride it has been. Next month starts 5 months of football picks with baseball playoffs, basketball, and hockey to come in October. We are in some of theContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 31st”

Picks of the Day: August 30th

This Weekend: 7-4, +7.96u August to Date: 21-16, +11.11u NCAAF Season: 4-0, +3.61u Before I get into this… “But Tommy you only had seven picks on Friday’s blog.” This is why you need to follow the Twitters people. WHAT A WEEKEND. Undefeated in football to start the year. Mopped up on NASCAR. I even putContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 30th”

Picks of the Day: August 27th & 28th

Yesterday: 3-2, +.82u August Total: 14-12, +3.15 I sincerely apologize to the Baltimore Orioles for blatantly disrespecting them. I was obviously very very wrong. THAT BEING SAID I FEEL REALLY GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. The wins are out-numbering the losses and we are in plus territory. And now we have FOOTBALL in the mix! Here’s whatContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 27th & 28th”

Picks of the Day: August 26th

Yesterday: 3-2, +1.37u August to Date: 11-10, +2.33u Last night Shohei Ohtani came up in the clutch and got his 7th strikeout right before being pulled to cast +115. I manifested the Cubs only winning one game yesterday, and they made game two interesting. The Giants won thanks to Kris Bryant’s tank early. Within secondsContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 26th”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC North

AFC East NFC East AFC West NFC West AFC South NFC South AFC North Here we are ladies and gentlemen, We have made it all the way through the league and stand at the door of the Black and Blue Division: the NFC North. The beginnings of professional football were made here. Tough defensive footballContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC North”

Picks of the Day: August 25th

Yesterday: 2-1, +1.5 (1 void – rainout) August to Date: 8-8, +.96 Yesterday was my second winning day in a row, bringing me back to .500 overall and plus money. We are back on schedule. I was wrong about day game runs but such is life. The Yankees and Giants cannot lose apparently. Today, weContinue reading “Picks of the Day: August 25th”

NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC North

AFC East NFC East AFC West NFC West AFC South NFC South So we’ve come to the two divisions I have held off on purpose because there are a couple of franchise you could say I have invested interest in play here, one of which plays in the AFC North. I will choose my wordsContinue reading “NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC North”