Arlington Park is for Sale… Bears?

This week the owners of the historic Arlington Race Park have announced they are selling the property. The owners have decided to sell and look to transfer their licensing elsewhere. This is a sad story for many in the Chicagoland area, as stories upon stories have been told about the time and fun had atContinue reading “Arlington Park is for Sale… Bears?”

NASCAR is Back and You Should Definitely Get Into It.

Coming off the heels of the Super Bowl, you feel as if the next championship feeling isn’t going to be until March Madness starting next month… But is that the case? NO! NASCAR. The Super Bowl of the NASCAR season, the Daytona 500, is this Sunday, and if you were ever considering giving racing aContinue reading “NASCAR is Back and You Should Definitely Get Into It.”

Nobody Went Into the Baseball Hall of Fame Yesterday

I would first like to acknowledge that I think it is funny MLB Network had 8+ hour coverage on this and nobody went in. What a day for those folks. It’d be like being told as a child if you do all your chores during the day you can go to the game that night,Continue reading “Nobody Went Into the Baseball Hall of Fame Yesterday”

Rest In Peace Hank Aaron: The Home Run King.

Coolest moment of my life: I worked for the Braves at Turner Field in 2013 at a merchandise store. My first day on the job, I’m walking in the tunnel underneath the stadium, and this huge Ford truck is coming towards me. I get out of the way, and it pulls up right next toContinue reading “Rest In Peace Hank Aaron: The Home Run King.”

Brace Yourselves, I Woke Up.

I’ve upgraded my site. I’m adding some content. I’m going to try to post something on my mind every day. And it’s not only going to be sports. As 2021 starts, there’s a TON happening in the world obviously. But for me personally, it’s about to get wild. The cherry on top being that afterContinue reading “Brace Yourselves, I Woke Up.”

Are We Celebrating the 4th of July This Year?

Warning: this is not a sports post. And it’s going to get uncomfortable for a lot of you. 244 years ago, the American colonies came together and drafted up a document to Mother England, declaring its independence. War breaks out. Mel Gibson becomes a hero. America becomes a nation. Woo. Cool. Fast-forward 244 years, whereContinue reading “Are We Celebrating the 4th of July This Year?”

The Imaginary Football League: Realigning the NFL.

Happy Super Bowl Weekend, Everyone. We have seen 267 games of football played in the NFL this season (if you count the Pro Bowl), and there is one more to go. This Sunday, we will be watching the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers take on the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs. Two historic franchises looking to reclaimContinue reading “The Imaginary Football League: Realigning the NFL.”

Remember Kobe, Stop Debating, and Start Appreciating.

Death is a scary and sometimes mysterious thing, but it is certain. It’s going to happen. And when it happens, sometimes it makes you think of things you don’t think of normally. You maybe even think of some things you should be thinking of normally, things that shouldn’t require a tragic death happening to makeContinue reading “Remember Kobe, Stop Debating, and Start Appreciating.”

State of the Union Address: The Bears Through 11 Games, and What’s to Come

Friends, Romans, Countrymen… Lend me your ears. The Chicago Bears, like most years, might legitimately be trying to kill me this year. The ups and downs of this season have been such highs and such lows, it’s been one of the more painful seasons to go through. In years past, we were bad (yes, IContinue reading “State of the Union Address: The Bears Through 11 Games, and What’s to Come”