Bears are who we thought they were – for (hopefully) the last time.

A tale as old as at least 1994. Bears look great to start. Packers look broken and beatable. Bears give it away. Aaron Rodgers does the whole snarky “I was never nervous” thing. Packers win, Bears back to the drawing board. Lather, rinse… don’t repeat? Let’s keep some things in mind here. The Bears wentContinue reading “Bears are who we thought they were – for (hopefully) the last time.”

We’re Back! The Tom E Experience

The Tom E Experience is a podcast hosted by me, Tommy Erbe, and is very broad in subject. I do my best to have conversations with people about lots of different things. A lot of the time, I will absolutely be ranting about Chicago Sports. It’s just in my blood. But beyond that, I loveContinue reading “We’re Back! The Tom E Experience”

Midday Headline: Did You Expect Anything Different?

The Bears again get laughed at on national television, and no one from the coaching staff up to Grandma Virginia could care any less. I should have done what I said I was going to do and watch a movie. Instead, I freaking believed for three seconds something was happening. Stop me if you heardContinue reading “Midday Headline: Did You Expect Anything Different?”

TONIGHT: Listen to Tuesday Takes with the Tom E Experience on the Colorcast app

The beginnings of the Tom E Experience expansion start tonight on Colorcast. Tuesday Takes with the Tom E Experience will air for the first time tonight on the Colorcast app! Join myself (@tommyerbe36) and my co-host Jason Porter (@jaypotweets) as we start this journey with our own hour long sports talk show. The show willContinue reading “TONIGHT: Listen to Tuesday Takes with the Tom E Experience on the Colorcast app”

The Tom E Experience is Expanding – Starting THIS TUESDAY!

Exciting news, ladies and gentlemen! This past year getting back into blogging and starting a podcast has been so enjoyable. I’ve loved my time doing it and have learned something new almost every day. I have the podcast going, I have blogs on here, I have blogs on Cubbies Crib, and I have blogs onContinue reading “The Tom E Experience is Expanding – Starting THIS TUESDAY!”

My Bi-Annual State of Da Bears Address

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…. Here we go again. The Bears head into Thanksgiving with a record of 3-7, on a five game losing streak, and staring dead in the face of a winless Lions team who has come close the in their last two and are ready to pounce. This has the makings of something embarrassing,Continue reading “My Bi-Annual State of Da Bears Address”

November 17, 2021: What Do You Want Me to Say…

In late June/early July, the Chicago Cubs went through an 11-game losing streak that basically sealed the fate of the 2021 season. They sold off nearly half the roster and started to plan for 2022 and beyond. It hurt my soul. I’m now in a similar position. I have now lost 8 bets in aContinue reading “November 17, 2021: What Do You Want Me to Say…”

November 16, 2021: I’m as Cold as the Weather

In the depths of defeat last night (2-0), I took the Bulls to save my life. Although it doesn’t count as a pick for the November total, they did. Had they not, I might have retired (responsibly). Tonight, there is MACtion, there’s basketball, and there’s hockey. Opportunity is out there, I just need to chooseContinue reading “November 16, 2021: I’m as Cold as the Weather”

November 15, 2021: (Responsibly) Broken, Weekend Catchup, Picks

The last twenty minutes or so I just took to update the gambling chart and numbers was not a fun time. There was a lot of red added in and not a ton of green. It’s looking more peppermint than spearmint boys and girls. Not great (responsibly). For that reason, I think we step awayContinue reading “November 15, 2021: (Responsibly) Broken, Weekend Catchup, Picks”