NCAAF Bowl Picks: Wednesday 12/28

Current Record: 8-13 (38%) The unders prevailed yesterday, going 2-1. Utah State failed me. But now we have our first day of “big boys” playing in bowl games. This is when and where we cannot fall further in the whole. There are s couple of awesome matchups later tonight that explain themselves. Join me inContinue reading “NCAAF Bowl Picks: Wednesday 12/28”

NCAAF Bowl Picks: Tuesday 12/27

Current Record: 6-11 (35%) NOT IDEAL. I never claimed to be an expert, but this is going poorly. The problem lies with the amount of overs I am taking honestly. I am currently 0-6 on overs. Will I ever learn my lesson? Probably not. I am determined to find one. I am, however, 5-3 onContinue reading “NCAAF Bowl Picks: Tuesday 12/27”

NCAAF Bowl Picks: Friday-Monday

We have arrived to the long Christmas weekend with a record of 5-8, 38%. In baseball, that would get me in the Hall of Fame as an all-time great. In gambling, I’m a loser. After this weekend, we will start getting into the bowl games where you might recognize the schools, maybe even a coupleContinue reading “NCAAF Bowl Picks: Friday-Monday”

NCAAF Bowl Picks: Friday & Saturday

Bowl season is upon us – a beautiful 3+ week timeframe filled with 3 meaningful games and 40 whatever games. But because this is America, football is football. We will watch any football given to us. As I plan to build up my gambling content for the new year, there is no better way toContinue reading “NCAAF Bowl Picks: Friday & Saturday”

Let’s Reset the Board

Reset the Board is a weekly sports podcast hosted by Jason Porter and Tommy Erbe presented by the Restart Sports Network. Jason and Tommy focus on the past week’s headlines, gambling trends, and a look ahead to the coming week. Question and comments that could be read on the show can be submitted to restartsportsnet@gmail.comContinue reading “Let’s Reset the Board”