Pick of the Day April 9th: Baseballapalooza

Standings: Yesterday: 2-8, +.14u April: 8-23, -4.265 YTD: 63-111, -1.727 (36%) Thank you, Javy Baez, for saving my booty yesterday. When he homered yesterday, I was insured not to have a losing day, even if I lost all 9 other bets…. And I came really close to doing that. JEEZ. The parlays are what killedContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 9th: Baseballapalooza”

Pick of the Day April 8th: Lots of Baseball

Standings: Yesterday: 5-4, +4.64u April Total: 6-15, -4.405u YTD: 61-103, -1.867u (37%) Nice little day yesterday! If the Cubs bats would had woken up, we would be up in the unit totals, but the Cubs offense is equivalent to that of the Bears, so it’s nothing I’m not used to. I love winning record days!Continue reading “Pick of the Day April 8th: Lots of Baseball”

Pick of the Day April 7th: Masters Picks

Standings: Yesterday: 1-6, -3.77u April: 1-11, -9.045 YTD: 56-99 , -6.507 (36%) Hello friends. The Masters is upon us. Baseball is in full swing. Spring is here. The warm is on the way, what a happy time to be alive. Dustin Johnson is coming off the shortest reign as Masters champion in Masters history, whichContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 7th: Masters Picks”

Pick of the Day April 6th: Tournament Clean Up, Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

STANDINGS: NCAA Basketball Tournament: 20-33, +3.32u April Total: 0-5, -5.275u YTD: 55-93, -2.735 Pending Futures: Chicago Bulls to Make the Playoffs: 1u/2.3u Chicago Cubs World Series Champions: 1u/100u Last night was one of the rare occurrences where I not only flipped/changed my pick and it worked, but I bet on a team named the BearsContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 6th: Tournament Clean Up, Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming”

Pick of the Day: March/Tourney Totals, Cubs Bad Start, Final Four Picks

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. March Final Total: 35-54, -2.37u Tournament: 18-32, -13.75u March totals and tournament totals separated because the tournament is basically a whole month in itself. April Totals (Yesterday): 0-1, -2.575u YTD: 53-87, -18.67u I think my distractions of a very busy month are a valid excuse for my performancesContinue reading “Pick of the Day: March/Tourney Totals, Cubs Bad Start, Final Four Picks”

Where We Stand: I’m Alive in a Survival Contest

Moving is hard and it makes me tired. That is where I have been. Things are settling in just in time for baseball. But while that is upon us, we still have madness in March happening. My record: I don’t know. It’s not pretty. HOWEVER, I am still alive in the Barstool Sportsbook’s Tournament SurvivalContinue reading “Where We Stand: I’m Alive in a Survival Contest”

I Was Moving. I’m Sorry.

Who schedules a move during the firs full weekend of the NCAA Tournament? Unintentionally, me… HOWEVER, it did not stop me from making picks. And these were the results: First Round: 1-3, -3.15u Round of 64: 11-18, -1.97 Round of 32: 4-4, -1.88 TOTAL: 16-25, -7u I didn’t say it was good. I just saidContinue reading “I Was Moving. I’m Sorry.”

Pick of the Day: Round of 64 (Friday & Saturday)

First Round: 1-3, -3.15u And the 1 was a gimme. Yikes. Not the start we were looking for, but alas, here we are. The first real days of the tournament. The round of 64. Lots of things to bet, lots of promotions and props involved. Let’s just skip the talk and pick and let ourContinue reading “Pick of the Day: Round of 64 (Friday & Saturday)”

Pick of the Day: First Round Picks

March Record: 35-51, -.37u I am putting a halt on any gambling that is not college basketball for the foreseeable future. The tournament is finally upon us, and today is DAY 1! Hooray! I have strategically place ammo (money) in different sportsbooks with different promos to fit my best gambling needs, responsibly of course. AnyContinue reading “Pick of the Day: First Round Picks”

Pick of the Day: March 17th

Yesterday: 2-1, +.90u March Record: 35-50, +.63u YTD: 35-50, +.63u Meatloaf gambling…. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Today’s Pick: NBA: Bulls -1.5, 1u/.9u I am in a complete zone focused on the tournament that I have nothing to offer tonight. The Bulls showed that they care last night so I will ride with themContinue reading “Pick of the Day: March 17th”