Pick of the Day May 7th: Cubs Cubs Cubs

Standings: Yesterday: 4-5,-.34u POTD: 3-1, +1.64u May: 13-12, +5.845u YTD: 197-234, +28.515u Well, yesterday flip flopped! I boosted up the Barstool app and all the exclusives I bet with them, and not one of them hit yesterday. Not a single pick from them. Luckily, I went 4-1 on my own creations, including the pick ofContinue reading “Pick of the Day May 7th: Cubs Cubs Cubs”

Pick of the Day May 6th: Holy Moly

Standings: Yesterday: 3-4, +1.725u POTD: 2-1, +.72u May: 9-7, 6.185u YTD: 193-129, +28.855u Alright, I am taking a lot of credit for my picks here lately, but I really need to give more credit to the Barstool Sportsbook app and the promos/exclusives they are offering every single day. Yesterday, all I got right was theContinue reading “Pick of the Day May 6th: Holy Moly”

Pick of the Day Cinco de Mayo: Hot as a Jalapeño

Standings: Yesterday: 5-0, +5.56u (2 voids, 1 push) POTD: 2-0, +1.72u May: 6-3, +4.46u YTD: 190-225, +27.13u I feel so good. I feel so happy. Things could not have gotten off to a better start. The Cubs swept a twin bill against the Dodgers and oh did I ever benefit financially. The Yankees did theContinue reading “Pick of the Day Cinco de Mayo: Hot as a Jalapeño”

Pick of the Day May 2nd: New Month New Rules!

Standings: April Final: 103-120, 20.132u Year to Date: 184-222, +22.67u April was easily the most successful month of my life. Absolutely remarkable. I have proven myself to be at least reliable for 1-2 picks, which makes me feel good. Baseball is easily my strongest play, so that probably helped. MAY IS HERE THOUGHT, and weContinue reading “Pick of the Day May 2nd: New Month New Rules!”

Pick of the Day April 30th: YESTERDAY!

Standings: Yesterday: 4-2, +6.915u April: 97-116, +16.922u YTD: 188-218, +19.46u I mean yesterday was just an all time great day for myself and the city of Chicago. It started with Aaron Rodgers telling the Packers that he has no plan to return to Green Bay and play for them. At that very moment, after twoContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 30th: YESTERDAY!”

Pick of the Day April 29th: Good Night in a Bad Night

Standings: Yesterday: 5-3, +5.405u April: 93-114, +10.007u YTD: 184-216, +12.545u Last night, the Cubs were absolutely obliterated in Atlanta, barely showed up in a 10-0 exhibition. It was flat out embarrassing, and I was in a dark place, already in fear of the Bears draft taking place tonight. But lost in that, Anthony Rizzo struckContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 29th: Good Night in a Bad Night”

Pick of the Day April 28th: Miracle

Standings: Yesterday: 2-5, +.2u April: 88-111, +4.602u YTD: 143-213, +7.14u I don’t know how in the world it happened, but on a night I put basically all my heart and soul on Cubs runs and White Sox domination, they failed and I still came out positive. I think the gambling overlords have acknowledged my smartContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 28th: Miracle”

Pick of the Day April 27th: It’s Science.

Standings: Yesterday: 0-4, -2.5u April: 86-106, +4.402u YTD: 141-208, +6.94u What goes up must come down. It’s science, this is science. I am not broken, you just can’t fly this close to the sun without burning up. So we had our day of realism, and now we can get back to business. There is noContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 27th: It’s Science.”

Pick of the Day April 26th

Standings: Friday (Weekend Off): 2-3,+.25u April: 86-102, +6.902u YTD: 141-204, +9.44u I had a very nice and healthy weekend off from gambling, knowing that I had 4 positive days out of 5. It’s healthy to pause and not let the success or failure get to your head. It can break your mojo and wallet. ThisContinue reading “Pick of the Day April 26th”