November 16, 2021: I’m as Cold as the Weather

In the depths of defeat last night (2-0), I took the Bulls to save my life. Although it doesn’t count as a pick for the November total, they did. Had they not, I might have retired (responsibly). Tonight, there is MACtion, there’s basketball, and there’s hockey. Opportunity is out there, I just need to chooseContinue reading “November 16, 2021: I’m as Cold as the Weather”

November 15, 2021: (Responsibly) Broken, Weekend Catchup, Picks

The last twenty minutes or so I just took to update the gambling chart and numbers was not a fun time. There was a lot of red added in and not a ton of green. It’s looking more peppermint than spearmint boys and girls. Not great (responsibly). For that reason, I think we step awayContinue reading “November 15, 2021: (Responsibly) Broken, Weekend Catchup, Picks”

November 12, 2021: Thursday Night Football Broke Me, Must-Listen Aaron Rodgers Stuff, and I’m Close to Retirement.

Big thanks to Jason and those of you who joined us on Colorcast for the Ravens/Dolphins game last night. We had a blast and definitely will plan to do something again like that soon. And we had a blast despite our gambling (responsibly). Here were the wins: Dolphins +6 (live) Game Total Over 28 (live)Continue reading “November 12, 2021: Thursday Night Football Broke Me, Must-Listen Aaron Rodgers Stuff, and I’m Close to Retirement.”

November 11, 2021: There’s a Lot Going On.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Thank you to any and all Veterans who have served this country in any and all branches of our military in any and all roles of service. Your willingness to put yourselves in harms way for us is something that should never go unforgotten or unnoticed, so THANK YOU. There is aContinue reading “November 11, 2021: There’s a Lot Going On.”

November 10, 2021: Pittsburgh, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Picks

I traveled into enemy territory this weekend to go to the Bears/Steelers game in Pittsburgh basically alone against the future Mrs. Tom E and her entire Yinzer family. It sounds worse than it was because I had an absolute blast. Pittsburgh is an incredible place for a football game. The fans are passionate and welcoming,Continue reading “November 10, 2021: Pittsburgh, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Picks”

November 5th: Thank You Jonathan Taylor, Big Names Moving, Weekend Gambling

If you haven’t listened to this week’s podcast yet, you absolutely should drop whatever your doing and listen. Or I suppose you could continue what you’re doing and listen at the same time. That works too. But also, like and subscribe on Spotify and Apple Music! PLUS: There is a huge announcement surrounding the TomContinue reading “November 5th: Thank You Jonathan Taylor, Big Names Moving, Weekend Gambling”

November 4th: MACtion WAKtion, Posey Retirement, Thursday Night Football

First things first – this week’s podcast episode is out! Pat is on to talk about some stuff, my buddies Jason and Aaron return for a mid-season look at our predictions from August, and Anna the fiancée gives her preview for Bears vs Steelers Monday Night Football. It’s a long episode, but warranted due toContinue reading “November 4th: MACtion WAKtion, Posey Retirement, Thursday Night Football”

November 3rd: Braves Win, Rodgers Lied?, Pippen’s Book, Picks

We have MUCH to get to today, but it would be irresponsible of me to point out that yesterday and today represent the anniversary of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2016. It was a game and series so wild it needed two days to finish. Thus, we need two days to celebrateContinue reading “November 3rd: Braves Win, Rodgers Lied?, Pippen’s Book, Picks”

November 2nd: Weekend Recap, New Month, & Picks

What a weekend filled with all sorts of things and stuff! First off, major congratulations to my cousin Griffin and his now WIFE/my new cousin Megan. It was a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day and tons of fun was had by all. It was an honor to serve as the Best Man, a dayContinue reading “November 2nd: Weekend Recap, New Month, & Picks”

October 29th & Weekend Picks/News/Updates

Accountability Gambling karma is absolutely a real thing. The gods knew I had not posted a pick of the day in over a month after taking another hiatus and promising more daily picks via a blog post, and I was punished last night. 0-3. Flames/Penguins O5.5 Goals (L). The Flames did their part, I can’tContinue reading “October 29th & Weekend Picks/News/Updates”