The Team

Meet the people I could not do what I do without. Whether it is co-hosting, frequent appearances, or simply believing in the cause, everything is beyond appreciated and I couldn’t do any of it without these folks.

These are the names and faces behind the Restart Sports Network!


Role & Contributions: RSN Founder, Host of the Tom E Experience, Reset the Board, and the Tandem Draft
Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Michigan State Spartans
Fun Fact: Tried to teach himself guitar during COVID quarantine


Role & Contributions: Co-Host of Reset the Board
Relation: College Friend
Favorite Teams: Los Angeles Angels, New Orleans Saints, USC Trojans, Arsenal
Fun Fact: has been to twelve different MLB ballparks – including old Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Camden Yards


Role & Contributions: Co-Host of The Tandem Draft
Relation: Best Man, cousin
Favorite Drivers: Bubba Wallace, Paul Menard
Fun Fact: Roller coaster enthusiast, ridden almost 400 different rides


Role & Contributions: Recurring Guest on the Tom E Experience
Relation: Life-long friend, the reason I’m a Cubs fan
Favorite Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, Alabama Crimson Tide, Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Fun Fact: Likes sandwiches


Role & Contributions: RSN’s Graphic and Web Designer
Relation: Best friend of 15+ years
Favorite Teams: “Go Team, Do the Sports!”
Fun Fact: Hates the cold


Role: Recurring Guest on the Tom E Experience
Relation: Roommate, Fiancée
Contributions: Too many to count
Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Cubs
Fun Fact: Claims to have once been able to do a head stand

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