Welcome to Restart Sports Network!

Thank you for visiting the Restart Sports Network! RSN is the presenter of three podcasts that can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts. Here is where you can listen to the shows, get to know the hosts, and find information on upcoming events and happenings with RSN.

How It Started

I first started my own blog website to have a safe place to share my opinions on Chicago sports. As a full-time worker and part-time student, it was har to find time to be able to write and keep up with sharing my thoughts, but it was almost therapeutic when able to do so. As things began to shift from blogging to podcasting, I thought I wanted to give it a try. Last year, I started the Tom E Experience podcast. The show definitely started as more of a Chicago sports podcast, but I felt like I wanted to do more than that. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to JUST be about sports, or Chicago. I then started to have folks on to share life experiences and different journeys through schooling, COVID, and more. That’s when I really started to think about doing more shows with specific topics, which meant I needed a network. And here we are. 

Restart Sports Network is now happily presenting three podcast shows. The Tom E Experience is still on. That will be my personal show where I might rant about the Cubs one week and have a serious conversation about life the next. The Tandem Draft is a NASCAR podcast I co-host with my cousin Griffin weekly where we recap and preview results and storylines for every race of the NASCAR season. And finally, Reset the Board is a show I co-host with Jason Porter weekly where we touch on all the storylines and gambling (responsibly) trends happening in the sports world – from baseball to soccer and beyond.

All of us here enjoy making content and love sharing our opinions. We hope you enjoy what you see and hear from us and would love to have you interact with us on social media and beyond.

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