Midday Headline: Did You Expect Anything Different?

The Bears again get laughed at on national television, and no one from the coaching staff up to Grandma Virginia could care any less.

I should have done what I said I was going to do and watch a movie. Instead, I freaking believed for three seconds something was happening. Stop me if you heard this before: the Bears went into halftime with a 27-21 lead and end up getting absolutely blown out in the second half and lost 45-30. I should have gone to bed.

The game was over at the very beginning, though, thanks to you know who. The Bears had 4th and goal to go from the three yard line, and Matt Nagy elected for a field goal rather than a David Montgomery run right up the gut for a touchdown. In Matt Nagy’s 1-7 record against Green Bay, he should know by now field goals don’t beat the Packers. But don’t worry – he LOVED the first half.

It’s just so mentally exhausting and emotionally draining to have this guy as the leader of our team. So many tweets last night talked about how we should talk about some of these young guys making great plays (and we saw some GREAT plays last night), but we can’t – because this guy is just such an IDIOT. We knew what was coming because of it, and we’re still here reeling the morning after.

It wasn’t exactly Bears vs. Packers…

It was Bears players against the combination of the Packers, the refs, the broadcast and our own head coach. The broadcast was insufferable. Chris Collinsworth’s wife should be concerned of his turning head, that’s all I’ll say about that. I can’t complain as much as I usually can about the refs. For the most part, they let the receivers and corners play and fight. That’s how it should be. They even called it fair and penalized the Packers on some of their nonsense, something you almost never see. However, the call back on the muffed punt that would have been a touchdown for two reasons (1: the Bears player ran out of bounds and “did not try to get back in immediately and 2: you cannot advance a muffed punt) sucked on so many levels. Earlier in the game, the Packers had a guy run down the entire sideline out of bounds and there was no call. He was literally weaving in and out of Bears players on the sideline. No call.

This non-call is really secondary to my actual point, however. My real beef is Matt Nagy punting it at midfield on 4th and inches in a one score game in the fourth quarter. Scared coaching. Stupid coaching. How does this man have a job? Because no one cares.

Bears fans are the only ones who care.

If Virginia McCaskey really cared about what was happening on the field, especially against the Packers, she would have died ten years ago. What this team does to fans and our emotions and well beings is something that small frail woman would not survive. She’s just out there like a teacher watching kids at recess.

Mr. Chairman George McCaskey – also doesn’t care – was also in attendance last night. As was general manager Ryan Pace, and, of course, Matt Nagy. I wish they all didn’t get a ride home. Leave them in Wisconsin where they belong. They should have their names on Lambeau Field’s Ring of Honor for how much they’ve helped them rejuvenate their franchise in the last twenty years. Minnesota and Detroit are supposed to be OUR cakewalks, not theirs.

Instead, all three of us alike are the Packer’s cakewalk. And it’s ultimately thanks to the McCaskey family and their cast of idiots. Sell the team, fire everyone, move to Arlington for all I care. Every last thing about this franchise needs to change immediately – before I’m the one who crokes before the one thousand year old lady.

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