TONIGHT: Listen to Tuesday Takes with the Tom E Experience on the Colorcast app

The beginnings of the Tom E Experience expansion start tonight on Colorcast.

Tuesday Takes with the Tom E Experience will air for the first time tonight on the Colorcast app! Join myself (@tommyerbe36) and my co-host Jason Porter (@jaypotweets) as we start this journey with our own hour long sports talk show. The show will start at 7pm EST, 6 CST, 5 MST. You can listen and chat with us live by downloading the Colorcast app and searching for the show.

What will the show be about?

Jason and I plan to cover the previous week in the world of sports while looking ahead to the next. In between, we’ll share our hot takes and miseries in fandom or just as observers. You can expect a fun sports conversation like you’d find at your local watering hole.

A nice portion of this show will also be centered around gambling (responsibly). Jason and I are daily gamblers (responsibly) that love to have a stake in the games we’re watching. We’re also easily talked into things, so if you have a pick, we want to hear it (responsibly).

The best part of Colorcast is you, the listener, can be a part of it with us! There is a chat feature we’ll love to interact with, and there is an open mic where we can even put you on the show with us to share your takes with us. This interactive app gives all sports fans a platform to share their hot takes, opinions, or just fandom.

Do I have to listen to it live?

Obviously, we would rather have you on the Colorcast app interacting with us live. That’s the most fun for us. However, if you miss a broadcast, not to worry. Each episode will be released as a podcast the next morning in full. You’ll miss the chance to chat with us live, but you won’t miss a take. The podcast version can be found anywhere you get your podcasts, or right here.

We hope you will join us tonight on the Colorcast app at 7pm est!


We are starting a College Bowl Mania contest with the Tom E Experience! Click the link and make your picks in our pool to go up against myself, Jason, and other Tom E Experience friends in making the best bowl picks. The winner of the contest will be invited to do a full episode of Tuesday takes LIVE with Jason and I. Bowl games start on Friday, December 17th, so make sure you are entered and in by then. Good luck!

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