The Tom E Experience is Expanding – Starting THIS TUESDAY!

Exciting news, ladies and gentlemen!

This past year getting back into blogging and starting a podcast has been so enjoyable. I’ve loved my time doing it and have learned something new almost every day. I have the podcast going, I have blogs on here, I have blogs on Cubbies Crib, and I have blogs on FanSided. The new year is going to be starting a little early for the Tom E Experience. By the end of January, we will have THREE (yes, THREE) different shows going – The Tom E Experience, and two new shows I’m going to tell you about right now.

Tuesday Takes with the Tom E Experience: Streaming on Colorcast

The Tom E Experience will be streaming a live talk show weekly on the Colorcast app, starting this Tuesday! I (@tommyerbe36) will be co-hosting the show with my pal Jason Porter (@jaypotweets) which will air every Tuesday on the Colorcast app at 6pm central time.

This will be our chance to recap the week in sports that just took place and look ahead to the week coming up. We will dive into every major sport, and we’re definitely going to talk gambling. Jason and I are going to tweet out our picks daily (@tomeexperience) and keep up with our records to see how great or terrible we are, responsibly.

The coolest part about this show is that you, the listener, will have the opportunity to interact with us live! Listen live on the Colorcast app, and you’ll be able to be in the chat, and might also have an opportunity to be on the show with us! And if you miss a week, not to worry. Every show will be released as a podcast on Wednesday morning if you’re unable to listen live.

With this show now starting, this will be the new home for most of my sports talk, freeing up the Tom E Experience for more general conversations with other cool humans – the main reason I wanted this show.

And Officially Introducing: The Tandem Draft: A NASCAR Podcast.

I’ve teased this a couple times, but we have a name and I think we are ready to go public. Myself and Griffin Eldred (@GriffinEldred) will be co-hosting a new podcast all about NASCAR. If you have no idea what NASCAR is or you’ve watched for years, it makes no difference to listen to us. We are going to start with tutorial episodes explaining the different series, the different drivers, and the different cars/trucks.

This year there is a new car with new features. If you are not in on NASCAR yet, this is the perfect time to enter on the ground floor. We will have weekly episodes dropping during the season to recap last week’s races and preview the next week’s events. We certainly hope you’ll join us on this fun journey, starting in the new year!

2022 has plenty of opportunity, and myself and my pals have no intention of waiting to get going! Thank you for all the support, and I look forward to more expansion and opportunity that will come this way!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you like and subscribe to the podcasts, bookmark the websites, and follow all the Twitters/Instagrams/Facebooks above! The website is going to go under some construction in the coming days so everything will be available and found right here! Stay tuned friends!

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