November 16, 2021: I’m as Cold as the Weather

In the depths of defeat last night (2-0), I took the Bulls to save my life. Although it doesn’t count as a pick for the November total, they did. Had they not, I might have retired (responsibly). Tonight, there is MACtion, there’s basketball, and there’s hockey. Opportunity is out there, I just need to choose wisely.

If you’ve missed any of my FanSided blogs, you’re about to get blasted with links!

MLB Hot Stove Heating Up

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California have signed Noah Syndergaard to a one-year deal worth a whole lot of money. I wrote about this on FanSided, but I bring it up here because he was a guy I pictured the Cubs taking a flyer on. Had I known this was going to be the price, I would have backed off. This is a whole lot of money for a guy with such a past in injuries. I’m a little glad they backed off, but also, what are we doing? The Cubs remain quiet in an offseason they need to be active in. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but I also called for some familiar faces to return yesterday. We’ll see what happens, you know I’ll be super vocal about anything.


Lamar Jackson and the weird-@$$ Ravens are coming to town this weekend and they are PISSED. They put a dud out there against the Dolphins last Thursday, while in the division, the Steelers tied and the Browns lost. This could have been a pivotal win for them and they came out with nothing. Now they face a Bears team who are coming off a bye and a weird loss in Pittsburgh that was frustrating but enlightening all at once. Justin Fields looked good but phantom penalties killed. Matt Nagy in the first half made me want to jump off the 500 section deck, but the 2nd half utilized Justin Fields’ capabilities and strengths. I don’t know man. They might keep their jobs.

Packers Fans Remain Stupid

The Packers are releasing additional shares of the team in order to raise $90 million to upgrade Lambeau Field. Green Bay is the only team in the league that does not have a definitive owner or ownership group. Rather, they have shareholders and representatives. Basically, they let people own the team and not have any say in anything. So, if you’d like a $300 meaningless piece of paper, you dumb cheese heads, Godspeed. (Off the record note: if this were the Bears I’d totally do the same thing. But it’s not, and it’s them, so it’s different.)


November: 18-24 (Yesterday: 0-2)

Like I said, it’s a bloodbath right now. I am getting abused with the red lines in my spreadsheet. Something’s got to give/fix before I (responsibly) am living out of a cardboard box. (I’m being dramatic for effect. Everything is fine.)

NHL: Rangers -1.5 vs Canadians (+130)

This is a get-back-on-the-board pick. It’s simple: the Rangers are good and the Canadians are not. The Rangers are healthy and the Canadians are not. This is as square of a pick as it gets. Go in, get the win, get out of there. (Odds: Barstool Sportsbook)

MACtion: Western Michigan/Eastern Michigan O66 (-109)

This is the highest total of the three MACtion games tonight. Why did I do this? Because I’m not scared. Points are second nature in the MAC, defense happens by accident. Plus, I have watched Western Michigan three weeks in a row now and I feel like I know them like the back of my hand. They will score points and allow points. Verbal GIF: the security guy at the arena who is supposed to be doing the metal detecting wand but barely knows where he is…. MACtion defense. (Odds: Barstool Sportsbook)

BONUS: I don’t like counting app specials as my picks, so this isn’t going to count. But Barstool Sportsbook has an exclusive bet called The Big MACtion that is a total of 176.5 points in all MACtion games today (3). It hit last week, and I of course love it again tonight.

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