November 15, 2021: (Responsibly) Broken, Weekend Catchup, Picks

The last twenty minutes or so I just took to update the gambling chart and numbers was not a fun time. There was a lot of red added in and not a ton of green. It’s looking more peppermint than spearmint boys and girls. Not great (responsibly). For that reason, I think we step away from football tonight and try our hand in basketball. For the record, though, I would pick Rams -3.5 (I’m not betting it, so it’s almost a guaranteed win).

Michigan State Neon Uniforms

As someone with a self-given masters degree in uniform scouting, I have a responsibility to be unbiased in my rulings on uniforms. I am a Michigan State fan, and I can tell you I absolutely hate the neon uniforms, as well as how often the uniforms change. It’s almost weekly, and we are reaching the point of Oregon. Alternate uniforms should be rare, one MAYBE two games a year. The Spartans have had a new combo almost every week this year. I know it’s a money grab, but we need some consistency. Yes, I’m old and grumpy. And if only one can be eliminated, I vote these. The neon is a no-go for me,

However, speaking of uniforms, these were cool.

They definitely did not work, however.

Why Do NFL Players Still Not Know the Rules?

Every year, there is at least one NFL game that results in a tie. It happened this week to the Lions and Steelers. Pittsburgh running back Najee Harris said after the game he didn’t know a tie could happen. He was ready for OT2… There has never been multiple overtimes in the NFL, and they happen at least once a year. How are players in the league still unaware of the rules? Even so, how are coaches not making players aware when OT starts that they need to score? Holy moly that was a sloppy game anyways. It’s hard to say someone would have “won” anyways. You can read more into Mike Tomlin reacting to Mason Rudolph’s start here if you want some more Steeler talk.

MLB Hot Stove Heating Up

We may be on the verge of some moves happening in MLB free agency. This morning, Eduardo Rodriguez signed with the Tigers (Detroit may start getting competitive again!) and a couple other names are moving around. Take this all light-heartedly, though. The new CBA between players and owners is still so far away, and there’s probably going to be a work-stoppage/delayed season. Stay tuned, but keep an eye on moves happening.


November: 18-22-2

As I said before, I am not playing in the football game tonight. But if I were, Rams -3.5 is the play. Let’s see if I was right to stay away.

NHL: Red Wings ML at Blue Jackets (+110)

The Red Wings are playing some really good hockey right now, winning four of their last five. The Blue Jackets have dropped their last two at home, but were hot before that. This is a pretty even matchup, but I am going to go with the Red Wings staying hot. (Odds: Barstool Sportsbook)

NBA: Celtics/Cavaliers O199.5 (-112)

These teams met last night in Boston and combined for 180 points. The Cavs have not scored 100 points in three games in a row, and the Celtics have a very stingy defense. This is a total “against the odds” pick of doing the opposite of what is supposed to happen. A guaranteed under definitely goes over, so let’s get 200 tonight.

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