November 12, 2021: Thursday Night Football Broke Me, Must-Listen Aaron Rodgers Stuff, and I’m Close to Retirement.

Big thanks to Jason and those of you who joined us on Colorcast for the Ravens/Dolphins game last night. We had a blast and definitely will plan to do something again like that soon. And we had a blast despite our gambling (responsibly).

Here were the wins:

  • Dolphins +6 (live)
  • Game Total Over 28 (live)

Here were the losses:

  • Game Total Over 47 (POTD pick)
  • Myles Gaskin 1st Touchdown
  • No Score 1st Drive of the Game (POTD pick)
  • Ravens & Dolphins Both Score 20 Points
  • Gaskin/Waddle/Andrews TDs & Lamar 2+ TDs
  • Ravens ML (live)
  • Lamar 2nd Half TD (live)
  • Lamar 3rd Quarter Passing TD (live)

Needless to say the word retirement came to mind. Because of the live stream, I was way more active than I should have been (responsibly). I was in the heat of the moment for over three hours last night, and I was searching for a win anywhere I could. I was just dead wrong about everything. Will I actually retire (responsibly) for a bit? Let’s get through this blog and figure it out.

Odell Beckham Jr is Heading to LA

Odell Beckham Jr has officially signed and joined the Rams. There were conflicting reports about it yesterday, but it was Von Miller who confirmed it via Instagram (shameless plug). Early on, it was reported that the front runners in the OBJ sweepstakes were the Chiefs, Saints, and Packers. Then, presumably out of nowhere, the Rams swooped in and took the win. The Rams already lead the league in total offense and have the NFL’s leading passer and Matthew Stafford and leading receiver in Cooper Kupp, but now they add a star that was very much held back in Cleveland and ready to bust out. Meanwhile, the Chiefs continue to search for a spark, the Saints need a quarterback, and the Packers yet again ignore Aaron Rodgers wants and needs. How will this impact the impending implosion of the Green Bay Packers relationship with Aaron Rodgers? I took a guess (another shameless plug).

Speaking of Aaron Rodgers…

Last week, he went through COVID protocol (correctly, for a change) and he can rejoin the Packers as early as Saturday, presumably in time to play against the Seahawks on Sunday. HOWEVER, if you missed what he said on the Pat McAfee Show last week, I have it RIGHT HERE for you.

This was his first go on the show. After this, the world and internet exploded, and everything I have been saying for ten plus years seemed to register to society. Of course, I jokingly (kinda) considered him a jerk for what he has done to the Bears for his whole career. But, all along he has been publicly selfish and full of himself. He consistently talks down to anyone in the room with him, and considers himself in a league of his own. It’s SHOCKING that McAfee not only fanboys all over him, but let’s him use him as a pawn.

In response to this, Chicago radio station 670 The Score afternoon show had an ACTUAL DOCTOR on in response to everything Rodgers said. You absolutely need to listen to this. Rodgers and his solutions and excuses are exposed so hard.

For breaking protocols, Rodgers was fined just over $14,000 and the Packers were fined $300,000. Players and owners around the league did not like the slap on the wrist handed out, but of course it was expected.

CeeDee Lamb was fined $20,000 for having an untucked jersey, and Rodgers was fined $14,000 for potentially endangering teammates, press, and many more. I don’t know, you tell me. I think he’s just an arrogant POS.


November: 13-11, Last Night: 0-2

Retirement is looming if things don’t turn around fast. However, I will try a light card tonight and see what happens. Make sure you’re following the Tom E Experience on Twitter if picks occur this weekend.

NBA: New York Knicks/Charlotte Hornets Under 224 Points (-110)

The Hornets just ended a skid of losing with a win against Memphis and return home after a very tough west coast trip. The Knicks have cooled off a little after a hot start and appear to be evening out. In this matchup, I am still a believer in the under conspiracy I referenced last week, and I think this is too many points. I’m an overs guy, but I think this is an under.

NBA: Chicago Bulls +5.5 at Golden State Warriors (-110)

The Bulls are hot and so back heading to San Francisco. This is 100% a biased pick, considering the Warriors are also definitely back and have only lost once. But one thing the Bulls do is contend in games. This is a nationally televised game and the Bulls will be ready to take the stage despite losing Vucevic to COVID for the duration of the west coast swing. I like the Bulls tonight (and every night).

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