November 11, 2021: There’s a Lot Going On.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Thank you to any and all Veterans who have served this country in any and all branches of our military in any and all roles of service. Your willingness to put yourselves in harms way for us is something that should never go unforgotten or unnoticed, so THANK YOU.

There is a new podcast episode out today that includes my recap of the Bears/Steelers game in Pittsburgh, Aaron Rodgers talk, and a couple of major announcements (of which I will highlight below). I very much encourage and appreciate you tuning in today! You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and right here at We are already 25 episodes into this journey and just getting started!

Colorcast Broadcast Tonight!

Last night, I did a trial run to figure out how to do things to stuff. Tonight, my pal Jason and I are going to be on and commentating the Thursday Night Football game on the Colorcast app. Download and look for the Ravens/Dolphins game, and tune into the Tom E Experience cast going on. You’ll be able to listen to us, chat with us, and even come on and talk to us if you want! Any and all are welcomed to participate! Plus, you know you don’t want to listen to Joe Buck.

Come listen and chat with us!

There’s a New Podcast Coming…

That’s right – The Tom E Experience is expanding! My cousin Griffin and I have done a couple of episodes going in depth on our love for NASCAR, and we have decided to team up and start a show dedicated to it. NASCAR is so much more than cars going around in circles, and we are excited to get into it and get people excited about it.

Starting in mid-January, look out for our new NASCAR podcast (name is pending) with tutorial episodes on how to watch the sport and know what is going on. Following that, we will have weekly recaps and previews for all races in the top 3 series in the sport: Trucks, Xfinity, and Cup. New teams and chassis are coming to NASCAR, and now is the perfect time to join in on the fun! More to come in the coming weeks.

NFL News

Odell Beckham Jr. is reportedly going to wait to make a decision on a landing spot until after this weekend’s games. Also, Cam Newton is apparently heading back to Carolina, pending a physical. Well well well, how the turn tables. Aaron Rodgers still sucks as a human. The Browns have no running back help going into Foxboro to face the Patriots. Kyler Murray is still questionable for the Cardinals, and Russell Wilson could potentially play against Green Bay on Sunday. Strap in, it’s going to be a wild week.

College Basketball is Back

And I’m not really ready for it. I have done no research, I know nothing about anything. I’m going to need until at least after Thanksgiving to get ready and be ready for the season, then I’ll be all in and know all the things and stuff. Pending.


November: 13-9

TNF: No Offensive Score on First Drive of Game (-110)

This is a boost on Draft Kings (no free ads). If you opt in, you can get this bet for -110 instead of -210. The Ravens notoriously start slow, and the Dolphins are the Dolphins. I think this is a quick way to go up a couple of bucks right at the start of the game.

Baltimore Ravens/Miami Dolphins Over 47 Points (-110)

Although this game will start slow, I think it warms up quick due to the lack of defense, short weeks, and weird stuff happens on weekday games. I expect Lamar to get his on the ground and through the air, and I think the Dolphins can keep it close. I think points are coming, and life is too short to bet the under. (Odds: DraftKings)

For all my other live picks and parlays tonight, PLEASE come hang out with me on the Colorcast app for some Thursday Night Football action!

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