November 10, 2021: Pittsburgh, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Picks

I traveled into enemy territory this weekend to go to the Bears/Steelers game in Pittsburgh basically alone against the future Mrs. Tom E and her entire Yinzer family. It sounds worse than it was because I had an absolute blast. Pittsburgh is an incredible place for a football game. The fans are passionate and welcoming, the stadium is beautiful, and you can instantly tell ownership knows what their doing on and off the field – a feeling I will never have here in Chicago.

The main reason to be there was for my future father-in-law’s birthday, so Happy 34th Birthday Tim. Enjoy your Walter Payton year. Sorry I yelled at you and Aunt Kimi in the fourth quarter but I know you understand.

The game was a gift to us all, though. It came down to the last play, as I’m sure you know, and I walked away thinking the same thing I always do – no franchise gives their fan base the middle finger quite like the Chicago Bears. You can listen to all my thoughts on the game on tomorrows episode of the Tom E Experience on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever else you want. There are links on the home page here.

The Tom E Experience is Coming to ColorCast!

A couple weeks ago, I had an exchange with the owner and founder of ColorCast, Erik Kirkham. ColorCast is an app where anyone with any knowledge of any game ever can broadcast the game as if they were the real commentators. Erik asked me if this would be something I’d be interested in doing from an “everyday gambler’s” point-of-view. How do I say no to that?

TONIGHT: Myself and my pal Jason (you know him, he’s been on the pod a couple times) are going to watch some MACtion. Kent State vs Central Michigan will be on ESPN U at 8pm EST. Flip the game on, put the TV on mute, and come join us on ColorCast! This is going to be a trial run to see how to do things and stuff before the real show starts TOMORROW. We will be doing the Thursday Night Football game so you don’t have to listen to Joe Buck. You’re welcome.


I’m keeping it with MACtion tonight, so you can come with me and you can even here me react to everything live. I love points and yards tonight so hard.

  • Kent State/Central Michigan Over 77.5 Points
  • Kent State/Central Michigan 1st Quarter Over 16.5 Points
  • Central Michigan 1st Quarter -.5
  • Central Michigan Team Total Over 38.5
  • Kent State Team Total Over 36.5

Download the ColorCast App tonight and watch some MACtion with me!

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