November 5th: Thank You Jonathan Taylor, Big Names Moving, Weekend Gambling

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Jonathan Taylor is a Monster

What. Did. I. Tell. You… I could have trusted the over and the Colts in the end, but it didn’t matter. Jonathan Taylor paid off in a major way. 3-0 last night for Thursday night football, AND a parlay of the three picks put some much-needed bullets in the chamber for a beautiful fall and winter to come. I was scared we were not going to get that second touchdown, but the minute I questioned it he busted one for 78 yards to the house. I didn’t even have to watch the fourth quarter. It was beautiful.

Big Names Across Sports on the Move

Jack Eichel has finally gotten out of Buffalo and is headed to Vegas to join the Golden Knights. He will also be receiving the surgery he needs and should recover in time to join the team for their playoff push. Odell Beckham Jr. is being released by the Cleveland Browns and will be available as soon as next week for another team. All eyes seem to be on the Raiders, Saints, and potentially the rival Ravens to pick up the big name receiver.

Additionally, in baseball, we have some big names opting out and becoming free agents, including former Cub legend Kyle Schwarber shockingly declining his option in Boston. A wild offseason and Hot Stove season is coming, we just don’t know when yet. Work stoppage and a need for a new CBA is looming between the MLB and MLBPA, and they are still as far away from an agreement as possible.

Weekend Gambling

This weekend. I will be on the move again so there will not be designated blogs for college football or NFL picks, so be sure to utilize Twitter to see all my gambling picks. There is a strong possibility this will extend into Monday and probably Tuesday, so the next newsletter blog might be as far away as Wednesday. Be sure you are watching Twitter, and be on the lookout for a VERY special announcement…


  • Yesterday: 3-1
    • Jonathan Taylor O83.5 Rushing Yds ( W )
    • Jonathan Taylor O16.5 Receiving Yds ( W )
    • Jonathan Taylor 2+ TDs ( W )
    • Georgia State/ULL O53.5 ( L )
  • November: 9-6

Picks in every sport tonight? Picks in every sport tonight.

NBA: Knicks/Bucks Under 217 Points (-110)

I’m onto a theory here. Something is up in the NBA because unders are cashing at an alarming rate. I am 0-3 when betting on the over this year in the league. Is the ball different? Is the rim bouncier? I don’t know. But I’m testing a theory in a premier matchup. Knicks defense is legit and the Bucks are the defending champs.

NHL: Blackhawks/Jets Over 6 Goals (-105)

I think we are back in on the Blackhawks over game. A couple years ago, the over hit in like twenty games in a row. Then the next year, the under did the same thing. I think we are back in over’s paradise, and I am jumping on early. Join me!

NCAAF: Boston College ML vs Virginia Tech

Friday night game under the lights as a home underdog – my weakness. I don’t know anything about either of these teams, admittedly. This is sort of like the Big 12 overs situation. Weekday night game as a home underdog, I am in. Count me in on this one too.

Saturday Picks Already Made

Wake Forest ML (+115) & Wake Forest/North Carolina Over 76 Points (-110)

Wake is the #9 team in the country and they are underdogs on the road. The smart and obvious pick here is the over, because both teams are great on offense and stink at defense. But I like the fishiness of the clearly better team being an underdog. I’ll take the chance with a good QB in a conference game. (Odds: PointsBet)

Baylor/TCU Over 58 Points (-110) & Oklahoma State/West Virginia Over 49 Points (-110)

I am addicted to Big 12 overs. Any total that is under 60 points in this conference is an automatic bet for me and will be probably until the end of time. We are blessed with two of them in one week, and one of them is even in the 40’s. Incredible.

Follow The Tom E Experience on Twitter for all picks Saturday – Tuesday. We are back in action on Wednesday.

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