November 3rd: Braves Win, Rodgers Lied?, Pippen’s Book, Picks

We have MUCH to get to today, but it would be irresponsible of me to point out that yesterday and today represent the anniversary of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2016. It was a game and series so wild it needed two days to finish. Thus, we need two days to celebrate it. I also needed about 4 days to recover after not eating or sleeping for the entire month of October. I almost died, but at least I almost died happy. And speaking of the World Series…

The Atlanta Braves are World Series Champions

The Braves closed out the Astros in Game 6 in dominant fashion last night. They won 7-0 and Max Fried looked like Greg Maddux. He was magnificent and the bullpen took the last few outs with ease. I am thrilled for my friends in Atlanta for getting their trophy after a whole lot of coming just short: the Bulldogs, the Falcons, the Braves in the 2000’s. It was certainly time for Atlanta to end the narrative. The Bulldogs might be next, which would send the state into an absolute frenzy.

Aaron Rodgers has COVID, Will Miss Chiefs Game

But that is not even close to the end of the story here, because today it was reported that Rodgers was not vaccinated after saying he was in August. Well, he kinda said he was:

He made the conscious decision to say he was immunized when responding to the question. I’m not here to get political or define the two words in question here. I’m not putting my Bears fan hat on to be bask in the unfortunate circumstances in Green Bay. I would never be happy someone gets COVID. All I’m saying is there are two different protocols for the NFL when it comes to vaccinated and unvaccinated players. If Rodgers lied to the team and the NFL about being vaccinated to be in the looser protocols of vaccinated players when he indeed was not vaccinated, that’s cause for some discipline when he becomes healthy again. And worse, if the Packers were in on it to lighten the protocols to help the cause of bringing Rodgers back to the team after the offseason that was, that’s a BIG yikes.

Scottie Pippen Clapping Back at MJ for Last Dance

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has a new book coming out next week called Unguarded. It was widely speculated this would be his response to the production and words surrounding him in the Last Dance documentary that came out Spring of 2020. Those predictions were absolutely correct, as this book is almost a Michael Jordan diss-track.

Here’s the thing. I was not old enough to witness the ’90s Bulls as they were happening, but I sure know a lot about them. And the only rebuttal to this I really need is to say that MJ was a superstar long before Pippen was drafted. MJ needed help to get the trophies, but he did not need Pippen or Rodman or anyone for that matter to make himself a superstar. And that’s all I have to say about that, for right now.. (You should listen to the podcast tomorrow).

Tomorrow’s Podcast Episode

If you’re reading this, congratulations. You get a sneak peak to tomorrow’s Tom E Experience episode. Pat will re-join me to discuss our experiences during Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. My friends Aaron and Jason are coming back to take a mid-season look back at our NFL predictions from before the season. AND – there may be another guest on to discuss a particular football game coming up on Monday night…


  • Yesterday: 2-1
    • Braves/Astros Over 9 (L)
    • Milwaukee Bucks -4 (W)
    • Eastern Michigan/Toledo Over 54 (W)
  • November: 3-3

Double MACtion Pick: Central Michigan +9 (-110) & Central Michigan/Western Michigan Over 66 (-110)

I LOVE Wednesday night MACtion. Something weird and stupid almost always happens and I am all in for it. This is a rivalry game and nine points in a Wednesday contest in the MAC is just all too much. Plus, points everywhere. Double picks on a Wednesday! (Odds: PointsBet)

NBA: New York Knicks ML vs Indiana Pacers (-105)

The Knicks took the Bulls down in Chicago on Joakim Noah Appreciation Night and that is what is in my brain. Dare I say the Knicks and Bulls are the two best teams in the East? I don’t know much about the Pacers but they just beat the Spurs after losing four in a row. That’s what I got for you. I like the Knicks. (Odds: PointsBet)

NBA: Chicago Bulls/Philadelphia 76ers Over 214.5 Points (-115)

I have a Bulls bias and I believe the 76ers are better than what has been displayed so far. I know the Bulls are the better team and that’s what scares me about them being underdogs in this spot. With that, I’m going points. The Bulls score and play defense, but the Sixers being favored makes me feel like this is a good spot to take advantage of a seemingly low total. This could also be way too much thinking around the book. (Odds: PointsBet)

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes/Chicago Blackhawks O6 (-105)

The Blackhawks are coming off of winning their first game of the season where Mark Andre Fleury only allowed one goal. His goaltending has been absolutely stellar since the debacle that took place in Carolina last week. I see this being a close 4-3 matchup, or someone getting some empty-netters late to secure the over. (Odds: PointsBet)

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