October 29th & Weekend Picks/News/Updates


Gambling karma is absolutely a real thing. The gods knew I had not posted a pick of the day in over a month after taking another hiatus and promising more daily picks via a blog post, and I was punished last night. 0-3.

Flames/Penguins O5.5 Goals (L). The Flames did their part, I can’t be mad at them. The Penguins laid a big fat goose egg on the board and couldn’t give me anything. I’ll remember this. Who’s a Penguins fan anyway…

Kyler Murray O274.5 Passing Yards (L). This is where it starts to hurt. Murray had an electric fourth quarter until he didn’t. He threw an interception late to seal the win for the Packers, and finished with 274 passing yards… That’s right. One yard shy of a victory and a glimpse of hope. “Pain” is not the only four letter word that comes to mind.

Knicks/Bulls O215 (L). I think this was too much of a heart pick and not a head pick. I knew the Bulls were a top-tier defense in the league, as are the Knicks. I think I just expected everyone to put on a show for Joakim Noah Appreciation Night. There was just so much going on, not only did everyone forget to score points, the Bulls lost their fist game of the season. Such is life.

Blackhawks’ Scandal

If you have not been keeping up with the happenings in Chicago with the Blackhawks organization, I very much encourage you to do so. This is a heart-breaking and quite frankly terrifying story that needs to be heard loudly beyond professional sports. You can read the actual report here, and listen to the interview with the victim, former Blackhawks 1st round draft pick Kyle Beach. Trigger Warning: very graphic details in the report, and very hard listen. But this is very important.

The Blackhawks do not have any upper management remaining in the organization that was a part of the 2010 Stanley Cup team. The only people left with the team to have 2010 rings are star Patrick Kane and Captain of the team Jonathan Towes. We have heard from both Kane and Towes, but it was not substantial, or really even helpful, for Blackhawks fans.

As a fan, I feel kind of dirty for being a fan. I didn’t know anything, obviously, and nothing is on my hands. But to know I was rooting for a team and leadership that had this under the rug and completely ruining the life of a young man to win a championship just feels so wrong.

World Series Game 3 (Series Tied 1-1)

We’ve seen the Braves stomp the Astros, and we’ve seen the Astros stomp the Braves. The series now shifts to Atlanta, a city that hasn’t seen a World Series game since 1999 and BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY, and TOTALLY SAVABLE Turner Field. Am I still a little bitter? You bet.

The pitching matchup is Luis Garcia vs Ian Anderson. We have seen runs put up by both teams, just not really in the same game. Tonight, the story is going to be how will the Astros hold up against adversity on the road, and how will the excitement and anticipation of the home crowd impact the Braves.

Paul Bunyan Up for Grabs

Tomorrow morning, #6 Michigan travels to East Lansing to take on #8 Michigan State in what I consider to be the game of the day. Both teams are hoping the offenses can hold up against top defenses and will be looking for their first “statement” win of the season. ESPN’s College Gameday, FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff, and Barstool Sports’ College Football Show are all going to be on-site and doing their shows live at the same time. National hype for this game is absolutely through the roof.

While I am biased (Go Green), I really like the Spartans in this spot. They are catching 4.5 points at home in a huge rivalry game. The crowd is going to be into it, as am I. Give me the Spartans ML and the Under 50.5. This has been your mini Saturday preview. To see all my weekend picks, make sure to follow the Tom E Experience Twitter account.

As for today…

Today’s Picks

World Series Game 2: Astros/Braves Under 8.5 (-115)

Tonight is the night things calm down on the mound and batters struggle to get something going. Ian Anderson is the guy on the Braves staff I personally like the most and would want out there, and I just the the Braves’ batters try to do too much too quick tonight. I see a slow start with some late inning drama, making a low-scoring contest. I love me some late-October drama. (Odds: PointsBet)

NBA: Hornets/Heat Over 220.5 (-115)

Both of these teams are hot and score points. The Heat defense has a little advantage over Charlotte. They have yet to give up 100 points in each of their first four games. I think that changes tonight with a really impactful offense in the Hornets. Side note: the spread is Heat -5.5. The way the defense is looking, come crunch time I kind of like that look too. And I’m super high on the Hornets. (Odds: PointsBet)

NHL: Hurricanes -1.5 vs Blackhawks (+125)

I did this bet the other night on the Maple Leafs against Chicago, kind of out of anger with the organization (see above). But the ‘Hawks still have tons of on-the-ice issues that need to be addressed. The Hurricanes are a tough opponent in Carolina, and I think Chicago will struggle immensely on the road tonight. I will take my chances on the plus-money bet to win by two. (Odds: PointsBet)

One Last Thing

Personally, I have a very busy weekend this weekend, and picks really aren’t going to be all that important to me. I am honored to serve as my cousin’s best man at his wedding as he marries his dream girl, and my new beautiful cousin, Megan. Congrats to you two crazy cats. I cannot wait to celebrate you all weekend!

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