Picks of the Day: October 28, 2021

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How many times have I gone back and forth on posting daily picks? Millions, probably. But right now, I am riding a severe momentum wave. I have recently upgraded my role with FanSided, contributing to more than just their Cubbies Crib page. I have written some gambling pieces for another company, but have decided to build my gambling brand here on the Tom E Experience page.

New Picks Blog Format

I’m going to start each blog with a “news” section, highlighting the picks from the day/weekend before, and covering what’s going on in sports that day. Then, I am going to do my best to give three to four plays a day across all sports, depending on what season it is and what is going on. I’ll keep track of my picks monthly on a super serious excel chart AND a hand written planner, starting November 1. I’m already keeping track of my NFL, NCAAF, NHL, and NBA records and intend to give weekly updates on where I stand on those. My picks are by the common man, FOR the common man.

I’m doing my best to build a portfolio in gambling content, and this is the way to go. I am excited for the future, blah blah blah, let’s get to the action.

Today’s Picks:

NFL: Kyler Murray Over 274.5 Passing Yards (-115)

The Cardinals are 6.5 point favorites tonight against that stupid team from the north. The public is ALL OVER the Cardinals, but giving Aaron Rodgers almost a touchdown to play with is a dangerous game, man. The spread seems suspect and the total of 50.5 seems weird, too. With so many of the Packers weapons on offense out because of COVID protocols, dare I say points on the board won’t be as easy? Potentially easier now, though, since JJ Watt is out for maybe the rest of the year. The pick is trusting Kyler to go off on a battered and not-that-great Packers secondary. (Odds: PointsBet)

NBA: Knicks/Bulls Over 215 Points (-115)

The two top teams in the Eastern Conference are facing off in the game of the night tonight in Chicago, on Joakim Noah appreciation night no less. Noah played for both teams, but had his most impact in Chicago with the Bulls. Former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau coaching the Knicks and Bulls legend Derrick Rose will also be suiting up for New York along with also a former Bull and Noah teammate Taj Gibson. You following all that? The Knicks only under this year came against the 76ers, and that’s because the Sixers failed to contribute their share of the points. The Knicks can score, the Bulls can score, I LOVE the over here. (Also love the Bulls, but that is a biased pick. This is honest journalism.) (Odds: PointsBet)

NHL: Flames/Penguins Over 5.5 Goals (-110)

I am a sucker for a hockey over, and this is one of those games. The Flames can score and the Penguins are happy to give them up. The Penguins are a team that can also score, but they pick and choose when they want to honestly. They put seven up on the Maple Leafs one game, and gave up just as many to the Lightning in the next. One way or another, this game will provide the goals. (Odds: PointsBet)

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