Picks of the Day: September 3rd and 4th

  • Yesterday: 1-3-1, -2.09u
  • September: 2-3-1, -1.18u
  • NCAAF Season: 6-3-1, +2.42u

Last night was humbling for sure, but still extremely frustrating. Here’s what I learned:

  • Tennessee STINKS.
  • Ohio State’s defense is suspect.
  • Mascot games work for most of the game at least.

Boise State forgot to play the whole game and it went to a push. Ohio State just could not keep Minnesota down long enough to get me another half a point and that hurt. Thankfully, NC State did what they were supposed to do so I did not get swept.

There is more college football to be had tonight, and then tomorrow will be the big day!


Before you lock in your bets, make sure you are shopping around on the different apps (if able). Different sites have different promotions, and there is FREE MONEY to be had. If anyone needs help finding these, please DM me on Twitter and I would be glad to send you links.

When you look at my lines below, you’re going to see some pretty generous lines. That’s because I took advantage of these promos! I’m not even including the free money on here because that is just too easy (HINT: Draft Kings).

ALSO: Each week I am going to give out my Pick of the Week, which will be my favorite play of the week. This is the one that I am absolutely certain it can’t lose (probably).

Here are my picks, and here are my thoughts:

Tonight’s Picks:

  • PARLAY: Virginia Tech +7 & Under 65/Wake Forest -29.5 (+404)

Saturday’s Picks:

  • Western Michigan +17 (-115)
  • Fresno State +21 (+100)
  • Iowa -4 (+100)
  • Clemson -3 (+100)
  • Purdue -7 (+100)
  • UCLA ML (+120)
  • BYU -12.5 (-105)

Pick of the Week: Wisconsin -5.5 (vs Penn State) (+104)

First off, as a Michigan State fan, it would be irresponsible of me to tell you to take MSU +3 tonight because I am a journalist with integrity and I do not want you to lose money. So there’s that.

Tonight’s game has me all flustered. The smart play is UNC -6, but VT playing a home game at night is always dangerous. Additionally, it’s a uniform game. VT is rocking some sweet orange jerseys tonight. I have always been a uniform/mascot game kind of guy… Give me a PARLAY. THROW IN WAKE AT AN ALT LINE.

I do not trust Michigan, and Western always seems to play their Big Ten opponent close – especially at the beginning of the year.

Fresno State is going to score points. So is Oregon, and they will score more. I just don’t see this as a three score win for Oregon. The over here wouldn’t be a bad play here either.

Indiana came on strong last year, but I don’t see them scoring on Iowa. The under is in play here, but I do like Iowa to clear 4 points at home.

Clemson is still that team. UGA is a Natty favorite this year. I am still under the impression that Georgia cannot win a big game when it comes up, and they start with one here. Lay the points with Clemson and enjoy. Also check Draft Kings – free money on a max $25 bet. Look under promotions.

I like Purdue at home. This is a dangerous place to play at night. The Boilermakers have not had fans in a long time, and they are chomping at the bit. I have inside information that Purdue is ready to rock and roll this weekend.

LSU has a lot on their minds right now, and they were already a questionable team. UCLA made a statement last week, and I think they do it again Saturday night.

BYU is good, and Arizona is not. I don’t know what else to say here.

PICK OF THE WEEK: I’m not one to trust the state of Wisconsin to do anything good to or for me, however Wisconsin is the play this week. Penn State is going to be in trouble in Madison this weekend.

Remember, if you are looking for promos or looking to get into an app, DM me for codes and direction for free money and we will get you going! (Responsibly). And watch Twitter for Sunday picks.

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