Picks of the Day: August 30th

  • This Weekend: 7-4, +7.96u
  • August to Date: 21-16, +11.11u
  • NCAAF Season: 4-0, +3.61u

Before I get into this… “But Tommy you only had seven picks on Friday’s blog.” This is why you need to follow the Twitters people.

WHAT A WEEKEND. Undefeated in football to start the year. Mopped up on NASCAR. I even put a couple clicks on Patrick Cantlay to take down that other guy whom will not be mentioned on this blog. But HAAAAAA.

Very happy with the feeling of doing well on football. I cannot wait for Thursday because there are so many incredible games and cannot wait.

However, we have to get there. And we need to put some responsible picks out there.

Today’s Picks:

  • Blue Jays TT O5.5 (-115)
  • Rays -1.5 (+133)
  • Giants ML (+118)

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