Picks of the Day: August 26th

  • Yesterday: 3-2, +1.37u
  • August to Date: 11-10, +2.33u

Last night Shohei Ohtani came up in the clutch and got his 7th strikeout right before being pulled to cast +115. I manifested the Cubs only winning one game yesterday, and they made game two interesting. The Giants won thanks to Kris Bryant’s tank early. Within seconds of KB’s bomb, the Cubs gave up a grand slam. I kid you not, that really happened.

Today, we have day baseball! You know my love for day baseball. So I am all over the board with FIVE picks today. Hang on, folks.

Today’s Picks:

  • White Sox/Blue Jays O8.5 (-105)
  • Angels ML (-122)
  • Nationals/Marlins O7.5 (-108)
  • A’s ML (-103)
  • Twins/Red Sox O10 (-105)

The White Sox and Red Sox are similar in they like to score runs and give up enough to make it interesting late. To me, that sounds like overs. The Orioles cannot win two games in a row. And the Yankees going across the country to play the A’s just feels like a good time for their streak to snap. Nats/Marlins over is just.. two bad teams playing weird baseball. We’ll see.

Giants ML being plus money again is fishy. I thought about it, but decided to stay away.

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