NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC North

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So we’ve come to the two divisions I have held off on purpose because there are a couple of franchise you could say I have invested interest in play here, one of which plays in the AFC North. I will choose my words wisely here, but I will also be fair and honest because that’s the kind of journalist I am.

The AFC North consists of quarterbacks at different stages of their career. Joe Burrow in Cincinnati is in year two after an injury shortened year one and looking to make some noise as a future great. Baker Mayfield in Cleveland is looking to have another incredible year to earn an incredible extension. Lamar Jackson is looking to prove he is worth the money in Baltimore and bring them a title. And Big Ben Roethlisberger is “in the best shape of his life” and is poised for one last run at a Super Bowl.

There is a clear winner in the uniform rankings for this division, but we’ll play along with the rankings anyways.

4. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals uniforms are unique, but the look has a college/semi-pro feel to me. Not super professional in my opinion. This would be like a minor league baseball look almost. This look is new as of this year, they have made some tweaks to it to make it more modern. I will say they do look like Bengal tigers, I’ll give them that. What else are they supposed to do? It’s just tough with the uniforms they are going up against.

3. Cleveland Browns

The Browns went back to their old school look after a couple years of torture with really ugly uniforms. I do appreciate that and thank them for it. However, it still finds them third in the rankings. The Browns are celebrating their 75th year of existence this year. This franchise officially came into the league as an expansion in 1996. You do the math… The original Cleveland Browns are actually the next team in the rankings.

2. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are another newer team in the league that have made minimal changes to their looks during their time in the NFL. It is a nice play on being the home of Edgar Allen Poe, writer of “The Raven.” Certainly makes sense, and the colors definitely play to the death and dark tones of his poems. Rivals of the team make fun of them being named after a dead poet, but I’ll say that it is arguably as the 49ers in San Francisco being named after the gold rush and those coming to mine, or the Texans and Cowboys because duh. OR, even like the team with the best uniforms in the division..

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Timeless, classic, excellent uniforms for the Steelers. What’s cool about Pittsburgh as a whole is that each professional sports team in the city uses the same colors. They are the only city to do it like that, and I think it’s awesome. The Steelers themselves have an iconic look and are the only team with the logo only on one side of the helmet, which is fantastic. The numbers are unique, the uniforms are spectacular. I have zero complaints or remarks.

Actual Prediction:

This is where my honest journalism comes into play. To my future wife and in-laws waiting with baited breath to demolish me, please look away. This division is going to be extremely competitive, and I do believe the winner will not be coming from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The winner will be Baker Mayfield and crew in Cleveland. A wild card spot is absolutely up for grabs for the Ravens and Steelers, so there is that.

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