Picks of the Day: August 24th

  • Yesterday: 2-1, +.99u
  • August To Date: 6-7, -0.54u

The Cubs walked in off and the Mariners also won. What an evening. I do not know what happened to the White Sox but the Blue Jays are also good at baseball. I keep referencing it, but football is coming. We are getting hot in order to dominate football. We do what we can.

THERE IS AFTERNOON BASEBALL TODAY. I believe there should be at least 2-3 games during the day in baseball at all times. Weekday baseball just hits differently and is fun to watch, especially if you have some juice on it (responsibly).

Today’s Picks:

  • Mariners/A’s O8.5 (-117)
  • Giants TT O4.5 (+115)
  • Yankees ML (+120)
  • Rockies/Cubs O9 (-109)

Day baseball just screams runs to me. The Giants are great at scoring runs. The Yankees at plus money feels like stealing. And both the Rockies and Cubs love to give up runs. Go win some money people (responsibly).

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