NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC South

AFC East NFC East AFC West NFC West AFC South

We have three divisions and twelve teams remaining as we dissect and rank the uniforms we see every fall. Today we tackle the NFC South – home to the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There are a few things different in this division, but also one very large consistency. I will point out the logistics and what not at the end. But first, let’s get down to the important stuff: ranking the threads.

4. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons should have never changed from their old school loot (Alt 2). If they kept those, their old road whites, and made the red helmet their alternates, they would be top 5 in the league. Instead, they did whatever the red jersey is and they are at the bottom of the league. I don’t even mind the other two, it’s just the one red one that rubs me the wrong way. it looks like a little league pee wee football jersey.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Thank goodness the Bucs went back to their old look because the look they had in the Jameis Winston era was horrible. These are much cleaner and much better. The reason they find themselves in third are as follows. First, this is a very strong division – even the Falcons without their terrible red but not red ones. Second, the all brown uniform just looks weird. If they stuck with their red and white look, maybe a black? I don’t know, just not the brown. And third reason is it’s about time Tom Brady wasn’t in the top two, right?

2. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are another team that has very seldom messed with their uniform since coming into the league. This is a very timeless look, even the weird gold numbers. It is very simple in design. They also for whatever reason look extremely fast on the Superdome turf – I don’t know. Just something fun. Don’t be mad.

1. Carolina Panthers

Carolina’s uniforms are so so sweet. Their colors are unique to the league and I just love the nod to the Tar Heels with the almost Carolina blue. They play to their home crowd for sure. Not much to say, it’s just a great look.

Actual Prediction:

The Bucs are returning every single starter from the Super Bowl team. It would be dumb not to pick them for the division, especially when the Saints have not picked a quarterback, the Falcons don’t play defense, and the Panthers have holes to fill as well.

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