NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC West

AFC East NFC East AFC West

We continue our uniform journey out west taking a look at the blue side of the map. The NFC West is an absolute cluster right now, with any of the four teams being capable of winning the division – potentially even the conference. The Seahawks were able to put the Russell Wilson drama to bed (for now). The Cardinals have their young elusive QB in Kyler Murray and a beefed up defense, signing JJ Watt. The 49ers drafted the future QB with an already above average QB at the helm, and look to stay healthy with all their weapons on both sides of the ball. And the Rams traded away the remaining draft picks they had for the next 15 years to get Matthew Stafford in LA. This division is absolutely stacked with contenders.

But what do the uniforms have to say about it?

4. Los Angeles Rams

Horrendous. Just absolutely awful. What are we doing here man. You can’t tell in the picture, but the numbers are like that sticky shiny weird material. The new helmets are horrid. The multi-color numbers are a hard no. I don’t have to say much more. These are terrible.

3. Seattle Seahawks

I know these are the best in the league to all the kiddos out there. There are just too many options, and the electric green is so bright. Those are college or high school uniforms. Flashy for the children. This is the NFL. You put your head down and play football. The home and away sets are respectable and look good. They lose me at the alternates. They’re unnecessary.

2. Arizona Cardinals

If you take anything away from these rankings, take this: less is more. If you do less to get attention, you will get more attention for your simple timeless look. For instance, the Arizona Cardinals simplicity is lovely. All white helmets with just the logo on the sides. Three colors – red, white, and black. One jersey for each of the only three colors because that is more than enough. I could even do without one of them. Nonetheless, good stuff from the desert.

1. San Francisco 49ers

Classic and timeless are the San Francisco 49ers. Recently they went back to the one color numbers on their primaries and I almost miss the outlined numbers. Even without, the 49ers wear real football uniforms. Gold pants home and away, and exact inverted jerseys, it really doesn’t get better than this in the west, these are majestically classic and timeless.

Real Prediction:

This is going to be the most competitive division in the league again this year. At the end of the day though, San Francisco has a QB controversy to figure out, Russell Wilson is going to need some help, and the Cardinals will have just shy of enough to handle Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and the rest on the Rams. LA is going to take the division, but any of the remaining three (maybe even all of them) can make a wildcard run.

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