Picks of the Day: August 18th

Yesterday: 2-1, +1.68


Great start yesterday for the brain. The Cubs won, we’re in the positives, what a start. I also pondered a double-header sweep for the Yankees and that happened. I know I didn’t pull the trigger on it, but it’s nice to know my head is in the right place.

Today, more baseball. That’s really all we have until football starts. Very excited for football, but we still have to be good at baseball. That’s where the bread and butter come from.

Today’s Picks:

  • Giants -1.5 (+138)
  • Red Sox/Yankees O10 (-113)
  • Braves/Marlins O8 (+100)
  • Brewers ML (-121)

If you haven’t learned yet, for the most part statistics mean absolutely nothing to me. These picks are all on feels, especially today. No science, just picks.

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