NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC West

AFC East NFC East

Today we have come to the wild, wild west. I’ll do the AFC today and the NFC tomorrow. This division is basically the OG’s of the old AFL – old school football with a grand history. Young QB’s taking over the landscape of the NFL in Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes and soon-to-be star Justin Herbert. The Raiders now play in the Death Star basically, and Denver is still looking for their next Peyton Manning. All this while the division has lots of cool uniforms that have been used over the years and into today. However, we have to live in the now, and BOY do I have something to say to the team at the bottom of the chart. So let’s get into it.

4. San Diego Super Chargers of Los Angeles

Obviously, I still am in a mood for the franchise leaving San Diego where they should have stayed with Phillip Rivers as their quarterback for the remainder of eternity. THEN THEY DO THIS. The Chargers have four “main” uniforms, but have used seven different combinations since the change came last year. Needless to say, it’s a no for me dog. You can’t be a navy team, a royal team, AND a powder blue team. There’s also three different yellows. Need I go on? Keep the blue tops. Get rid of the yellow pants, and shoot the alternates into oblivion. Next.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

In reality, the top three uniform sets in this division can go in any order. I am a big fan of the remaining teams. But for the sake of rankings, somebody’s got to be third and second. In third, the Chiefs. This is only because I do not like the red pants. If you take out the two in the middle, to me, that’s Chiefs football right there. Those are classic, timeless looks. Another underrated thing about these is the old school AFL patch they have on the chest (not pictured). Third place sounds harsh, but I would not take it too personally because look at who your quarterback is… You’ll be fine.

2. Denver Broncos

I chose the Broncos for the second spot in the division for two main reasons. One, I am biased to the colors. Two, I think the numbers look so cool. The are unique in not being block (there are a few teams in the league that do this). Their “6” to me looks the best. I don’t know, don’t judge me. I am not crazy about the orange tops, I think the blue and the white look the best. But all in all, the Broncos look is unique and timeless, and that’s what matters here.

1. Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas

Two options – home and away. One color for pants. Could have an alternate (they do, white with grey numbers) but don’t really need it. This is a football team with football uniforms. The Raiders look never needs to change – ever. Their fans embrace the colors and the team. The team, no matter good or bad, always make the uniform matchup competitive. This is a Top 5 in the league uniform. don’t @ me (you can @ me, @tommyerbe36). There’s not much to say because these are so simple yet so loud in history.

Real Prediction:

The Chiefs are going to win this division handily. I think the Chargers make a run at a wild card spot because I think they are sneaky good. The Broncos still have no decision at quarterback and are questionable all around, and the Raiders,… I don’t know. Great uniforms though.

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