Picks of the Day: August 17th

Ok, we’re in this. For real this time.

My life has been going super speed lately. Working full-time, studenting half-time, planning a wedding, writing for the Cubbies Crib (check it out here), writing these blogs, recording a podcast, and I am really excited for all of these things. It’s been so much fun, I feel like I’m really living the dream.

That being said, obviously all these things should take a backseat to putting out these gambling picks (responsibly).

Every weekday around lunchtime (we’ll say between 10:30-1:30 central time), I WILL put out picks, hopefully 3-5 a day. I WILL keep track of my record. I WILL* win you money. *depending on the result of the game I pick, responsibly.

Let’s get to work. We’re throwing everything away and starting 0-0. Straight up 1 unit picks.

Today’s Picks:

  • Atlanta Braves -1.5 (+125)
  • Detroit Tigers -1.5 (+140)
  • Cubs ML (+143)

Lots of plus money, which could be scary. But here’s my reasonings.

The Marlins are feeling themselves after destroying an absolutely horrendously bad and embarrassing Cubs team, and I expect the Braves to come in and humble them very quickly. The Tigers are playing an Angels team that is sneakily a little better on paper. However, while they’re on Miggy 500 HR watch, I expect the team to play with a little more fire.

As for the Cubs… I don’t know. They can’t lose forever.

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