NFL Preview Through Uniforms: NFC East

AFC East Rankings

I’ve heard it called the NFC East, the NFC beast, and the NFC Least. I think only the middle one does not apply. Sometimes it seems like there is not one team in this division that can win it, or even wants to win it. I do predict a change in competitive balance this year, however, because there are some sparks of hope across each team.

Dak is back for the ‘boys as they look to forget about each of the twenty-five previous seasons, surly confirming Stephen A Smith’s diagnosis of an “accident waiting to happen.” The Eagles are flying at a respectable but not overpowering height as they try to determine if Jalen Hurts is the guy for them. The Giants are trying to put it all together with a young QB/RB combo, but they will have to be creative with what they do otherwise. And the Washington Football Team has Ryan Fitzpatrick.

What do the uniforms tell us about who’s in control? Glad you asked! Before I get into this though, I do want to say all of these uniforms are pretty good. With the exception of maybe one, they’re in the top half of the league. So just chill on the backfire, there’s only four teams here.

4. Washington Football Team

In all honesty, these really aren’t all that bad for a team without a name. That’s really my beef here. You’ve had time, there’s a plethora of options in the world. Figure it out, be a name, Google something. I do appreciate the simplicity of these uniforms because they do look like football uniforms. It’s a good uniform. Just be something. Do a name man.

3. New York Football Giants

The Giants have excellent uniforms. They seem timeless, as they are one of the originals in the league. I just one very tiny beef and one medium sized. The small one is I LOVE the helmets with “GIANTS” on them. That logo is so cool to me, and looks so much better on the helmets. My real complaint, and why the Giants find themselves in 3rd here, is the away set. I love the grey pants, but the red just doesn’t do it for me. The Giants are blue. Wasn’t there an era they were referred to as “Big Blue?” If they were to go back to blue on the road, they would be #1 in the East, and very close to #1 overall.

2. Dallas Cowboys

Just as the Giants have one uniform holding them back, the Cowboys have one uniform holding them back. Unfortunately for them, it’s the one uniform they wear 90% of the time. You know, the one with mismatching blues driving every OCD fan up a wall. What are we thinking here? If they stuck with the blue tops and their alternate whites, and that be it, the Cowboys are in the top three in the entire league. Instead, they wear two different blues and green pants and look just as incompetent as they show on the field, usually. I asked my good friend John to sell me on the #1 team in the East and not the Cowboys, and his response was dead-on. “The Cowboys wear away jerseys at home and their blues don’t match. Navy on the helmet and royal on the jersey. Always bugged me.” Me too, pal.

1. Philadelphia E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles

Thank God they have that chant, I would have no idea otherwise. Let’s go back to John for analysis on his birds. “Nobody else uses midnight green (in the league). And our all-black alternates are straight (fire emoji). Fly, Eagles, Fly!” He then proceeded to send a several gifs of the Eagles doing good plays against the Cowboys, ending with Tony Romo face down banging his head against the turf. Thank you for your insight, John.

John is correct, these uniforms are the best in the East, and I agree with his analysis. The midnight green is a great and unique color. The black alternates, if not overused, do look great for big night games. But I’m also going to point something else out he did not; the helmets are so cool. The wings instead of the Eagles main logo is so awesome, and no other team in the league has anything comparable. The Eagles have the best uniform lineup in the East.

Real Prediction:

Although the Eagles are the best in the threads, I will say this division will probably be one by the Cowboys (should they stay healthy). I will also point out that the WFT has the best defense, and I think that could make them the best competition to the Cowboys for the East crown. I think it comes down to those two things: can the Cowboys stay healthy, and can the WFT defense show their muscles.

Regardless, it’s either a first round exit for the Cowboys or they don’t make the playoffs at all. They’re an accident waiting to happen.

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