NFL Preview Through Uniforms: AFC East

Welcome to the first of eight previews – where I will dissect the capabilities of each team through only what they are wearing. This is the way of the future. We get so caught up in the X’s and O’s, it’s about time someone takes a surface level approach to predicting outcomes. Right?.. Right?

Today I will begin with the AFC East, a division that was basically handed to the New England Patriots for the better part of twenty years thanks to one Tom Brady. Now that he’s gone, statistically speaking, there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Josh Allen. The Bills seem like they are now in control of the division, but there is a young core of QBs looking to change that – one for each team really. The Patriots have Cam Newton, but word on the street is former Alabama Crimson Tide National Champion of the World Mac Jones has something to say about the QB1 role. The Jets put their franchise on the shoulders of also rookie QB Zach Wilson. And the Dolphins are hoping for a year 2 bump for also former Alabama Crimson Tide National Champion of the World Tua Tagovailoa.

But what do the uniforms have to say? In worst to first order:

4. Miami Dolphins

Remember – we are ONLY relying on Wikipedia here. I know there are more. I know they go all green and they go all white, AND they have throwbacks. But these are their primary uniforms, and rules are rules. But they asked for this. When they changed the logo to whatever this is, they ruined the franchise more than Nick Saban missing out on Drew Brees. The logo and the color is just HORRIBLE. Had they not changed the logo, or they went to their throwback looks full-time, they’d be tops in the league. But instead, here they are at the bottom of the AFC East.

3. New York Jets

The Jets old look to me was timeless and was just a classic football uniform. Greens at home, whites on the road. Just a fantastic look. Then they went to this more modern looking whatever and ruined everything. Granted, not worse than the Dolphins. But they had a good thing and this was an unnecessary change. Maybe it’ll grow on me after a while, but I miss the big football with the logo inside, and those sweet white helmets.

2. New England Patriots

Last year, the Patriots switched full time to what was previously called their “Color Rush” uniforms, and designed one for the road whites as well. It made sense that it was probably time for something of a change, considering they changed from their quarterback of nineteen years. These are really nice football uniforms and I like the stripes on the shoulders.

1. Buffalo Bills

Find a team that circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills – you can’t. A move that has worked out even more than drafting for Josh Allen and trading for Stefan Diggs was when they went to the white helmets and royal blue jerseys. The home and away uniforms are SO sweet, and make up for the all-red look, because what are we doing there. Although, maybe I understand the idea of a secondary color as a jersey…. but the pants too is a little much for me, especially with the color red. The white pants would suffice just as well, but the other two take the top spot in the division for the Bills.

Real Prediction:

Just like the uniform rankings, this is really how I see the division playing out. I think the Bills win the east relatively easily, with the Patriots and Dolphins duking it out for second and MAYBE a Wild Card spot. Remember, there’s three of those per league to hand out this year.

Photo Credits, as stated, are from the team pages of

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