The End of an Era: RIP @american_tmoney (The Social Handle).

Since the beginning of my social media experience, I have gone by two handles. The first was @bearsfan_tmoney, for obvious reasons. But after realizing I did not want to be labeled ONLY as a Bears fan, I changed it to @american_tmoney.

As for where the “tmoney” came in, it’s a long and embarrassingly small stupid story. Just whatever. And I didn’t want just my names as my handle, that’s dumb for a child.

Over the years, I did lots with this handle, I really dove into it. Posting pictures such as the cover of this post.

I even created an alter-ego with it for a video series I did as an Assistant Youth Pastor. I wouldn’t dare post those videos on here. But they’re on YouTube, if you’re creepy enough to find them.

Yet here we are, at a time when it is time to move on. Some exciting things are happening to where I might like my name to be more findable to the general public, so I have changed my social handles to the ever-boring @tommyerbe36. It is what it is. It will make sense soon enough.

Was this worth an entire blog post? Probably not. But I’m dramatic, and am willing to turn any small event into content if given the opportunity.

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