Field of Dreams Game Preview

Is this Heaven? No, it’s a blog. Weirdo.

Tonight is the night many have been waiting for since 1989, and that is the night a real Major League Baseball game is played in Iowa at the Field of Dreams. Although, not the actual field, but very close to it.

The beautiful 8,000 seat park is indeed in Dyersville, Iowa, only steps away from the actual Field of Dreams field. Dreams do come true. AND LOOK WHO STOPPED BY:

Be still my heart. All the feels are taking place. And let’s get something clear right here right now… You can “play catch” with anyone, but you “have a catch” with the ones you love. There’s a difference.

Now aside from the emotions of every person who watched this movie that are now between the ages of 20 and 70, this is a meaningful game for the two teams that will be partaking in the event: the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox.

Going into tonight, the Yankees are in 3rd place and trailing 6 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East. However, they are only 2 games behind their friends from Boston in the Wild Card chase. As for the White Sox, they are just waiting for October to start, as they have a 10.5 game lead over the 2nd place Cleveland Baseball Team. Playoff implications are coming to Iowa, hooray.

Lefty Andrew Heaney will start for the Yankees, and definitely-wearing-shoes Lance Lynn gets the nod for the Sox. Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda WHAT ARE THEY WEARING? So glad you asked.

Majestic. There’s no place like Iowa.

If you have never seen the movie, you have until this game to watch it. Take a half day, pop some popcorn, watch this movie, and then feel all the feels we all will be feeling come game time. When you see the players walking out of the corn onto the field, if you feel nothing, you did it wrong.

And if you really do need to watch it, it is free to watch on Peacock streaming, but I recommend paying the $3.99 on Amazon instead because Peacock is the biggest pain and I do not want your viewing experience to be tarnished.

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