Nebraska Football Uniforms: I Mean What Are We Doing Here.

So I’m getting ready to go to bed last night, right? Cubs are getting blown out, I have had my fill for the day, I’m ready to wind down and rest up for a beautiful Wednesday. Then I made the critical mistake of opening Twitter, and this is what I saw.

As you know by now, uniforms are my thing. I love judging them and dictating when and if they can and should be worn, as if I have any authority on the topic. CERTAINLY we can all agree that these should have never seen the light of day and the creator of these should be fired last week.

I mean what are we doing here? These are HORRIBLE.

“Hey, we’ve got a creepy mascot who wears red overalls, let’s honor him.” WHAT IS THE THOUGHT PROCESS HERE?

Nebraska’s Uniform Lineup

And honestly, as historic as the Nebraska football program is, recently they don’t really have the firepower and success to be messing around with any “fun” uniform changes. Nebraska’s uniforms are historic and iconic, there’s no need to do anything anyways. USC and Michigan aren’t doing anything stupid with their uniforms, their on the same playing field. Let’s not screw with a good thing.

Good as in the uniforms, not the product on the field. Because yikes.

Let’s get rid of these bad boys, yeah?

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