The Field of Dreams Game Uniforms Have Been Released and They Are Awesome.

The White Sox and Yankees gave us a preview of the uniforms they will be wearing for the Field of Dreams Game happening in Iowa on August 12th. And as you know, I am an expert when it comes to grading uniforms.

Holy Moly do I love me some throwbacks. The White Sox are straight out of the movie. The Yankees barely even have to change. This is must-watch television based on the uniforms alone.

Not to mention, the matchup is going to be a fun one too. The Yankees have recently found their bats (thanks to one Anthony Rizzo, probably) and the White Sox really only need to score three runs before the 7th inning with that bullpen. This is going to be a great matchup and potentially a postseason preview.

Love the uniforms, love the matchup, love the time and place. Is this Heaven? No, it’s really good baseball in August… in Iowa.

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