After MONTHS of saying “I’m going to do a podcast,” I’m actually going to do it now.

I spent a lot of time going back and forth with the idea of everything because I didn’t know how to build an audience or why I would even have an audience. I have spent the last few weeks with blogs in my head, and then thinking they would be easier if I could say them, and then thinking no one would listen, so they got tucked away.

BUT NO MORE OF THAT. With the help of and many thanks to my good friend Pat, and the help of my good friend Drew, the podcast is now not just an idea, it is a reality! We are hoping to put out an episode once a week, with a format that will include not only sports, I promise.

IN THIS VERY BLOG IS THE LINK TO THE INTRODUCTORY EPISODE. Please listen to it, like it, subscribe to it, all the things and stuff.

ADDITIOANLLY, once I get smart enough, there will be a video version on the Tom E Experience Youtube Channel! How do you get to that to also subscribe? Easy, like this:

Want to interact with me on the twitters? Got an idea for me? WANNA COME ON THE POD? Click this and follow the blogs/pods:

Want to be old school and contact me how I contacted my girlfriend for the first time in 2020 via email? (Yeah, that’s a true story. That’s an episode in itself.) Click THIS:

It’s finally happening everyone. I hope you will join me on this journey!

And now, THE INTRO EPISODE OF THE TOM E EXPERIENCE, and the remainder of episodes, can be found on Spotify!!

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