Pick of the Day May 27th: Humbled and Back.


  • Yesterday: 0-4, -3.5u (1 play cancelled)
  • POTD: 3-2, +.64u
  • May: 18-26, -0.155u
  • YTD: 202-248, +22.515u

“Welcome back, Tommy. Here’s an 0-6 start coming back.”

Thanks gambling gods!

This is the reward I get for being responsible? I’m offended, but I’m also insane. Look up the definition because here I am today expecting a different result. But today, it’s ONE PLAY. ONE SINGLE PLAY. It’s an early start, but you have to take it at this point. The hottest team in baseball has their ace on the mound.

Pick of the Day: Chicago Cubs -1.5: 2.444u/3.055u

Why the weird numbers? Because we are emptying the tank (in one app) on the Cubs. Firing on all cylinders. Kyle Hendricks on the bump in Pittsburgh I will take all day long. I will die on this hill if it comes to that.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I am traveling for Memorial Day weekend, so there will be no post tomorrow or Monday, picking back up on Tuesday, with not only picks but hopefully a full blog post (eyeball emoji).

Any picks made (if any) will be tweeted out!

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