Pick of the Day May 26th


  • Yesterday: 0-2, -2u
  • POTD: 3-1, +1.64u
  • May: 18-22, 3.345u
  • YTD: 202-244, +26.015u

First official gambling post in a while, it feels good to be back. Last night, 0-2 but the Cubs got the win. We’re all but a half a game out of first. If it takes me losing a couple times for the Cubs to succeed, so be it. I’m here.

Tonight, we’re into so baseball, playoff basketball, and playoff hockey.

Pick of the Day: Sydney Crosby to Score a Goal. If you think Syd is going down without a fight, you’re stupid. I expect him to score right away. I did not pick him to score the first goal because sometimes I am wrong. But, he WILL score tonight. That’s why it’s the pick of the day.

And now, for the rest:

Today’s Picks:

  • Javy Baez to Hit a HR: .5u/3u
  • Sidney Crosby to Score a Goal: 1u/1.6u
  • Barstool’s “The Doc”- O16.5 Goals in NHL tonight: 1u/.91u
  • Barstool’s Wednesday Overs – All games over 210: 1u/1.85u
    • Wizards/76ers
    • Hawks/Knicks
    • Grizzlies/Jazz
  • Barstool’s BEC – No Runs In 1st: 1u/4.55u
    • Cardinals/White Sox
    • Royals/Rays
    • Rockies/Mets

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