Pick of the Day May 7th: Cubs Cubs Cubs


  • Yesterday: 4-5,-.34u
  • POTD: 3-1, +1.64u
  • May: 13-12, +5.845u
  • YTD: 197-234, +28.515u

Well, yesterday flip flopped! I boosted up the Barstool app and all the exclusives I bet with them, and not one of them hit yesterday. Not a single pick from them. Luckily, I went 4-1 on my own creations, including the pick of the day, and almost came back to prevent a losing number! Off the record, I took Bulls -3.5 and live bet the Blackhawks in the 3rd period, and both of those were winners. But again, man of honor, they were not reported so they do not count.

I think I am the key to the Pistons success. Not only did they cover, they dominated the Grizzlies. I knew they would cover, but sheesh, I didn’t know they’d look THAT good. I’m enjoying being good at the Pick of the Day. Speaking of, Cubs.

Pick of the Day: Cubs -1.5. I am a sucker for Friday 1:20 starts at Wrigley Field. They are my weakness. They are my favorite games to attend. I am ALL over the resurging Cubs today against against the Pirates. And it shows with the rest of the lineup here. BIG card today. BIG. DANGEROUS.

Today’s Picks:

  • Cubs -1.5: 1u/1.38u
  • Pirates/Cubs O7.5: 1u/.93u
  • Javy Baez HR: .5u/2.125u
  • Zach Davies O4.5 Strikeouts: 1u/1.22u
  • Barstool: Cubs Win & Pirates U3.5 Runs: 1u/1.65u
  • Phillies/Braves O8: 1u/.89u
  • Cardinals -1.5: 1u/1.08u
  • Giants ML: 1u/1.28u
  • Barstool: Yermin Mercedes & Tim Anderson Hits: 1u/1.1u
  • Barstool: 5+ Runs Parlay:
    • Mariners/Rangers
    • Blue Jays/Astros
    • White Sox/Royals
    • Dodgers/Angels
    • Rays/A’s
  • Barstool: No Runs 1st Inning: .5u/2.7u
    • Nationals/Yankees
    • Mariners/Rangers
    • Padres/Giants
  • Barstool: 1st Inning Strikeouts: 1u/1.6u
    • Carlos Rondon (vs Royals)
    • Jack Flaherty (vs Rockies)
    • Blake Snell (vs Giants)
  • Barstool: Dave’s Crazy Parlay: .5u/10u
    • Pirates/Cubs U4.5 First 5
    • Padres/Giants U7.5
    • Yankees ML
    • Mets ML
    • A’s ML

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