Pick of the Day May 6th: Holy Moly


  • Yesterday: 3-4, +1.725u
  • POTD: 2-1, +.72u
  • May: 9-7, 6.185u
  • YTD: 193-129, +28.855u

Alright, I am taking a lot of credit for my picks here lately, but I really need to give more credit to the Barstool Sportsbook app and the promos/exclusives they are offering every single day. Yesterday, all I got right was the exclusives they offered. My picks were absolute garbage yesterday and they saved me. So thank you, Barstool. And if you live in IL, PA, or MI, you need to get in on this action. They are building an empire, truly.

Today there are A LOT of day baseball games and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. I am in on a lot of Barstool exclusives again, and will start pointing out which picks are mine and which are theirs. I think that is the fair thing to do. But my Pick of the Day will always be a pick of my own, never an exclusive or promo. Scouts honor! (I was never a scout.)

Pick of the Day: Pistons +9.5. I know, “Dude, you’re a baseball guy. What do you know?” Well, nothing. BUT every time I bet on the Pistons, they cover the spread, and sometimes even win outright. They’re at home, the Grizzles are clearly the better team. I don’t know, I’m feeling it!

Additionally, I am all over the map tonight: baseball, basketball, AND hockey picks coming your way!

Today’s Picks:

  • Tigers/Red Sox O8.5: 1u/.95u
  • Bruins -1.5: 1u/.98u
  • Bulls/Hornets O217.5: 1u/.91u
  • Pistons +9.5: 1u/.92u
  • Tom E Hockey Homer Parlay: 1u/2.041u
    • Blackhawks/Hurricanes O6
    • Penguins -1.5
  • Barstool: 5+ Run Parlay: 1u/1.65u
    • Indians/Royals
    • Blue Jays/A’s
    • Braves/Nationals
    • Diamondbacks/Marlins
    • Rays/Angels
  • Barstool: No Runs in the 1st Parlay: .5u/2.75u
    • Brewers/Phillies
    • Braves/Nationals
    • Diamondbacks/Marlins
  • Barstool: 1st Inning Strikeouts: 1u/2.3u
    • Lance McCullers Jr (vs Yankees)
    • Gerrit Cole (vs Astros)
    • Brandon Woodruff (vs Phillies)
    • Zack Wheeler (vs Brewers)
  • Barstool: ML Parlay: .5u/2.9u
    • Yankees
    • Red Sox
    • Twins
    • Royals

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