Pick of the Day Cinco de Mayo: Hot as a Jalapeño


  • Yesterday: 5-0, +5.56u (2 voids, 1 push)
  • POTD: 2-0, +1.72u
  • May: 6-3, +4.46u
  • YTD: 190-225, +27.13u

I feel so good. I feel so happy. Things could not have gotten off to a better start. The Cubs swept a twin bill against the Dodgers and oh did I ever benefit financially. The Yankees did the thing against the cheating Astros. Overs galore, runs everywhere, WHAT A HAPPY DAY. Oh, and the official pick of the day is still undefeated. If you haven’t started listening to me yet, jump on the wagon. We’re going to the moon.

Official Pick of the Day: Giants -1.5. The Giants absolutely demolished the Rockies yesterday afternoon in the first game of a double header, and then basically took game 2 off. Rightfully so, they were probably tired from rounding the bases all afternoon. But today, it’s just one game. They will come back and beat the Rockies handily because they are simply the better team. There’s your money pick.

Today’s Picks:

  • White Sox ML & O8.5: 1u/3.3u
  • Mets/Cardinals Game 1 O5.5: 1u/.85u
  • Giants -1.5: 1u/1.5u
  • Indians & Padres ML: 1u/1.45u
  • 5+ Runs Parlay: 1u/1.65u
    • Diamondbacks/Marlins
    • Braves/Nationals
    • Astros/Yankees
    • Brewers/Phillies
    • Blue Jays/A’s
  • 1st Inning No Runs Parlay: .5u/2.625u
    • Tigers/Red Sox
    • Indians/Royals
    • Pirates/Padres
  • 1st Inning Strikeout Recorded: 1u/1.45u
    • Max Fried (vs Nationals)
    • Freddy Peralta (vs Phillies)
    • Walker Buehler (vs Cubs)

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