Pick of the Day May 4th


  • Yesterday: 1-3, -1.1u
  • POTD: 1-0, +.9u
  • YTD: 185-225, +21.57u

The Pick of the Day is undefeated. That is what I’m taking away from yesterday. Also, I had a couple winners off the record last night that won, but they were not documented so they do not count. Because I am a man of honor. The Cubs got rained out, so those picks did not play. I took a night off of keeping track last night. It was a nice rainy night of relaxation. But the Cubs play two today, and we’re going over.

Pick of the Day: Dodgers/Cubs O5 Game 1. Runs everywhere today. Put me in for the Game 2 over too, but the odds are not out yet. I like runs at a premium today at Wrigley in both games, but especially Game 1.

Today’s Picks:

  • Dodgers/Cubs Game 1 O5: 1u/.82u
  • Yankees -1.5: 1u/1.6u
  • Tigers/Red Sox O9: 1u/.97u
  • White Sox/Reds O9: 1u/.88u
  • First Inning No Score Parlay: .5u/3.25u
    • White Sox/Reds
    • Rangers/Twins
    • Mets/Cardinals
  • First Inning Strikeout Parlay: 1u/1.15u
    • Dylan Cease (vs Reds)
    • Aaron Nola (vs Brewers)
    • Jacob deGrom (vs Cardinals)
  • 5+ Run Parlay: 1u/1.2u
    • Astros/Yankees
    • Tigers/Red Sox
    • Rangers/Twins
    • Indians/Royals
    • Blue Jays/A’s

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