Pick of the Day May 2nd: New Month New Rules!


  • April Final: 103-120, 20.132u
  • Year to Date: 184-222, +22.67u

April was easily the most successful month of my life. Absolutely remarkable. I have proven myself to be at least reliable for 1-2 picks, which makes me feel good. Baseball is easily my strongest play, so that probably helped.

MAY IS HERE THOUGHT, and we are going to add something new to track. These blogs are called Pick of the Day, so I should be documenting the one pick of the day, yes? I will still have multiple picks every day (probably), but we are also going to start tracking the one pick that feels to be the lock. We’ll see how good I am NOW. I hope May brings just the same amount of success as April, maybe even more!

Pick of the Day: Indians/Royals O8.5. I feel like this is a spot where two good teams are supposed to duke it out in a low scoring game, but the Indians shut out the White Sox yesterday and the Royals gave up 13 to the Twins. I think runs will be racking up tonight.

Today’s Picks:

  • Brewers/Phillis First Inning No Score: 1u/1u
  • Dodgers/Cubs O9: 1u/1.1u
  • Indians/Royals O8.5: 1u/.9u
  • Nelson Cruz to hit a HR: .5u/2.1u
  • Kris Bryant to hit a HR & Cubs Win: .5u/5.25u
  • Rangers & Rays to Win: .5u/2.125u

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